Love Confident He'll Have Full Offseason Regimen After Knee Procedure

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Love Confident He'll Have Full Offseason Regimen After Knee Procedure

Mark Remme
Wolves Editor/Writer

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Wolves forward Kevin Love wore a visible wrap around his left knee on Saturday night and walked slowly with a visible limp, but crutches weren’t necessary.

The two-time All-Star, who underwent an arthroscopic knee procedure on Wednesday in New York, is fully confident the knee procedure won’t change his offseason workouts heading into 2013-14, and the ability to put at least some weight on his knee days the procedure is a minor indication of that. He’s hoping to be fully prepared to begin full workouts by the beginning of June, and his sights are clearly set on a big comeback.

“It’s a big summer for us,” Love said. “Just getting back in shape, in a month luckily I’ll have a clean bill of health and will be ready to go. I know this team is hungry, I’m hungry myself, and the only thing we can do now is look forward to the future.”

Love’s knee procedure eyed alleviating him of the pain he began enduring as early as four weeks after his January surgery to repair broken bones in his right hand. Throughout the process, even as he began running and using the bike, he felt the discomfort but tried to push through it with hopes of returning this season.

In the end, the pain grew to be too much.

On Monday, the team announced Love would undergo surgery and, with the 4-6 week recovery period, his season would be over. Love said once it got to the point where he knew a procedure would be the best option moving forward, he discussed the option with owner Glen Taylor, President of Basketball Operations David Kahn and coach Rick Adelman. He said the group was on the same page, and the process commenced quickly at that point.

Now, Love said the main objective is looking forward to what he can do to prepare for next year.

He said his work ethic and drive has been a big reason why he reached the heights he has during his career, and the way he’s transformed his body over the last three years is evident of that determination.

“It won’t hold me back at all,” Love said. “I’ll have a big offseason, hopefully. I go into every offseason thinking this will be the biggest offseason of my life, and this one is no different.”

Kahn said during a conference call earlier this week that this was essentially a lost season for Love, and Love didn’t disagree. He’s played in 18 games this year, many of those hampered by a hand that never truly felt right after breaking his third and fourth metacarpal in the preseason, and by the time he re-injured his hand on Jan. 3 he had never quite found his stroke.

He found it during the weeks leading up to this knee procedure. He was sinking his shots at practice from the perimeter like he did during that memorable stretch of basketball in March 2012. He said he would have been able to rejoin the team and play the final weed and a half had he not had the knee issue, because his hand was finally back to full strength.

But the knee got in the way.

“It’s been so hard,” Love said. “It’s been very hard to sit back and watch the guys go to war without being out there and having to sit and watch.”

He said it’s been doubly hard because of how hard the team has battled as well as what Adelman’s family has gone through with his wife’s healthy. Right now, Love admits between Adelman’s personal situation and some of the offseason decisions the front office needs to make, there are some uncertainties heading into the upcoming year. Still, he said he is confident the right moves will be made and the high expectations that the team had this year can extend into next season.

“This year has given us a lot of perspective,” Love said. “And hopefully [Adelman] can see we have the makings of a very good team and we can make a big push and have a special year next year.”

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