Love Addresses Yahoo Sports Article

Mark Remme
Wolves Editor/Writer

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Timberwolves forward Kevin Love addressed the media after today’s shootaround regarding Tuesday’s Yahoo Sports article unveiling new comments from Love about his contract situation from last January.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski met with Love in Philadelphia and in their conversation Love discussed frustrations with not receiving a maximum, five-year deal last season. Today at Target Center, Love clarified some of those comments, saying he meant what he said but wished he had not said them publicly.

“I thought it was going to be a lot more positive. I said a lot of great things about the team, but you know it ended up being more of a negative article, which I didn’t necessarily like but in today’s day and age in America you find out what sells,” Love said. “It was a negative piece, but I said what I said, and now I know if at 24 years old, fifth year in the league, some things you just express to the people I said it about I guess.”

Love said he has spoken with President of Basketball Operations David Kahn as well as coach Rick Adelman about the piece. He hasn’t spoken yet with team owner Glen Taylor.

The article broke as the Wolves are enjoying their best start in seven years, and at 9-9 the team is in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race and sees help on the horizon as Ricky Rubio nears his return. Love said he has no issues with this team or the organization, and he said he didn’t mean to alienate anyone with his comments.

“But I’m not going to fall back and say I didn’t mean the things that I said, but I do believe this is the closest knit team that we’ve had,” Love said. “The coaching staff has been great, and we have a chance to make something very special this year, and for years to come so I’m definitely happy with, I’ve mentioned it this summer. It keeps coming up again but the acquisitions we’ve made this offseason I’m very happy with. As far as the state of the team, we’re fine.”

Part of the article focused on the realization that if Love did not receive the maximum five-year deal, it leaves the door open for Rubio to do so. Love said he has no issue with anyone getting paid, and in particular Rubio is the type of player that would deserve such a deal if offered because of his passion for the game and his ability on the court. Love said he’s been enamored with Rubio’s play since he arrived in Minnesota.

Together, there is clearly a lot of potential for the Wolves’ organization. Love said his goal all along was to be part of this franchise and help them succeed, and that still is something he hopes to do.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I think one of the big points all along is that I want to be here for five years. I’d love to end my career as a Timberwolf.”

Love said in meeting with Kahn and Adelman, he said he hopes that the situation is behind them and he and the team can move on.

“That’s the biggest thing I talked about with coach and with David yesterday. We just have to move forward, and hopefully this thing won’t keep coming up,” Love said. “But I’m done talking about it, really from here on out I hope we can just move on and winning will take care of everything.”

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