Mike James Chat Transcript

Newly acquired by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Mike James took a break from hosting the Mike James Basketball Camp (Aug 14-19) in Amityville, NY (Mike's hometown) to chat with the fans Thursday, August 17 about the camp and his excitement about the 2006-07 season.

This is the second year for the camp and is a part of "Mike James Day" in Amityville, NY which includes a celebrity baketball game, youth activities and the NY Knicks City Dancers.

Mike and his wife Angela are expecting a baby in a few months, their third child.

If you missed the live chat, here is the transcpript.

Moderator: Mike should be here soon, so hold on. Thanks

Kev, Rochester, NY: Mike -

How did you get involved in running your camp and how's the camp going so far?

Mike James : One of the main reasons is that where I am from the kids do not have a lot of opportunities. So, this is a way to give the young kids an opportunity to show them they can succeed. I love the kids and love them to show them positive things and how to carry themselves. It's an experience and not just a camp.

Jo Jo : yo...who's gonna be in the celebrity game at your cmap?

Mike James : I like people to come into the camp who are not just NBA players. I want to bring in different types of people that have a different story. Maybe a guy who was once a player but is doing something different now. I will bring in a guy who was once a player but who is in a wheelchair. That shows them that it is real but they can overcome things and they have to deal with life.

Mo (DC): What was your first feeling when you signed with the TWolves and Garnett?

Mike James : I was excited. It was a great opportunity. Maybe this is the place where I can lay some roots. I am really estatic.

Nina (Minn): What has been your impression of Minnesota so far? Have you spent much time here?

Mike James : My favorite restaurant is the Keys downtown. It was my favorite when I visited, but now I get to go all the time. The weather people warned me about but it's going to be HOT in the Target Center.

greg, st. paul: mike -

is the family moving minnesota and thought of any names for the newborn to be?

Mike James : My wife is not letting me out of her sight (laughing). It's going to be a girl and her name will be Mikeal Maciah.

Kene(London, England): Hey Mike. Great year last season. Have you spoken to any of your new teammates since signing with the T-Wolves

Mike James : Yes, I was up there with Kevin and Ricky Davis. Trent as well. Guys get along and this is going to be exciting.

Matt (Elk River): I cant wait to see you running our offense and what do you think about our rookie draft pick Randy Foye?

Mike James : Randy Foye is going to be an exciting player. He will bring a different dimension. He had a great run at Villanova. His confidence is high and as long as he keeps his head straight he will be fine.

Kenny (Minn): Hey Mike you've played in a couple ifferent places now. WHere has been you favorite so far?

Mike James : Houston, because I was home with my wife's family. It was good to be around so much family and people you know.

John Wanda , MN: Do you think that you have a good shot at getting back in the playoffs with wolves this year?

Mike James : Of course! That is the reason why I came here to Minnesota. We have a chance for great things but time will tell.

Mike James : Thanks for all that believed in me. I appreciate those who have. I want all to reach for the heavens and if you fall short you are still among the galaxies. Peace.