Heroes In The Making: Jennifer Burt and Peter Gove

Andrea Allis
Web Editorial Associate


The Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation recognized volunteers Jennifer Burt and Peter Gove during last night's game against the Warriors as part of the Foundation's Think Green Month powered by Juhl Wind, Inc.

Gove is one of the founding board members of Friends of the Mississippi River and has also served two terms as the organization's board chair. Gove currently serves on the organization's board of directors.

"We're a citizen group working on water quality, land protection, aquatic species and trying to support the work of the park service and the many other state and local agencies that try to protect this great river," Gove said.

FMR is focused on the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities, which amounts to about 72 miles of the river.

Burt is one of Friends of the Mississippi River's most active volunteers and has given 236 hours of service toward improving the health and vitality of the Mississippi.

"I go and help with restoration sites, so I pull invasive species and plant native species in different areas around the Twin Cities Mississippi corridor," Burt said.

Burt is also a Gorge Steward, which means she is part of a group which aims to bring citizens from throughout the metro area together to work toward protecting and restoring the Mississippi River Gorge.

Timberwolves president Chris Wright presented Gove and Burt with an autographed team print during last night's game.

"I was really excited and honored and very humbled, because I feel like there are a lot of people who do a lot more than I do," Burt said.

"It's great [that] the Timberwolves have a program to recognize citizens," said Gove. "This is a citizen-based group of individuals [who] just care about this river, and for a group like us to get this kind of recognition is just terrific. We really appreciate the Wolves' doing it."

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