Gym Rat

After completing a Monday workout at Target Center, Mike Miller sat down to shed some light on what takes place during his daily net-splashing barrage.

Mike Miller Conversation

In talking to Miller, I learned a few interesting things:

1) He made 36-straight threes to conclude Monday's workout. That's decent.
2) The former Sixth Man and Rookie of the Year (you forgot about those awards - be honest) goes at game speed throughout his workout, and he shoots more than just stand-still jumpers. Try step backs, curls, bumps, one-dribble pull ups and more (game situation shooting, basically).
3) For his warm up, Miller must make 10 shots from seven spots on the floor, and can't miss more than four shots (or he starts over).
4) He is the opposite of happy if he has to go back to a spot. He's like Ted Thompson after Favre said he wanted to un-retire.
5) There aren't many NBA players, let alone normal people, who could get through Miller's workout due to how many consecutive shots he has to make.
6) One of Miller's hardest drills is this: A three-point make is +1 and a miss -1, and he has to get to 50. So he could make 49 in a row, miss one and he'd need two straight makes to finish. Miss five, make five and you're at zero. Try that sometime with NBA threes ... Or you could dunk on Dwight Howard, out-swim Michael Phelps, beat Rafael Nadal on clay or broker a permanent peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

Sure, you may not have needed that written summary after listening to Miller describe the same exact things ... But I'm trying to look out for those of you who work in cubes and forgot your headphones. Plus my grandpa's computer doesn't have speakers.

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