Get To Know Lexi

How many years have you spent on the team?
This is my second year.

What is your hometown?
Mankato, MN

What is your current occupation?
Dance Instructor

What are your future goals?
I want to have my own business doing something that I love. I also want to travel more around the world (maybe live somewhere other than Minnesota for awhile), and to have a happy little family living back here in MN!

What are your hobbies?
Facebooking, decorating (especially for holidays), going out with friends, going out to dinner, yoga, thrift shopping, going on walks, singing karaoke (haha), watching my shows, reading magazines, talking on the phone with my mom, texting, and cooking/baking

What are your accomplishments?
Becoming a professional dancer, graduating from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, living in Spain for 5 months, learning a foreign language

What are you looking forward to most this season?
I am looking forward to the new, young energy on not only the Timberwolves team, but with the dancers as well! It should be a fun and exciting season, and I’m confident that we will get more people into the Target Center this year, and hopefully pull-out more Wolves wins!!

A Little About Me:
Hi Timberwolves fans; my name is Lexi. Here is a little bit about myself. I grew up dancing since I was 3 years old in Manakto, MN. My dance teacher then inspired me to continue dance throughout college, where I danced on the UWEC dance team. I graduated college with a Spanish Liberal Arts degree. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up dancing, so I continued by teaching classes at a local studio and auditioned to become a Timberwolves dancer. I have loved living in Minneapolis and being on the team, I have met so many great girls and life-long friends.

Although it seems dance is my whole life, I do enjoy many other things in the little spare time that I have I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have a very close-knit family, I couldn’t do without the loving support of my parents, and my sister is my best friend!

I love to laugh, and think my sense of humor is one of my greatest qualities. Going out to eat and trying new foods is also a love of mine, and could be one of my favorite weekend activities. You can usually find my TV on the food network, I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest cook, but I try. I love the seasons in Minnesota, and would say fall is my favorite. I enjoy the summer for obviously the weather, and love spending summer days on a boat or at a lake. I’m also a big fan of holidays; you will find my apartment pretty decked-out for Halloween and Christmas. I’ve already busted-out the Christmas music, and had 3 different Halloween costumes this year, haha.

I am looking forward to another great year with the Wolves and can't wait to get the season rollin!

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