Get To Know Bianca

Hey Timberwolves fans, I'm Bianca. I am from Minnetonka, Minnesota. I am currently a senior at the University of Minnesota. I will be graduating with a journalism degree and hoping to pursue my career as a sports announcer after college.

This is my third year on the team, never thought I'd be the oldest veteran on the team. But here I am, one of the five veterans on the 2009-2010 team.

I have been dancing since I was in diapers, waltzing around the house putting on show was what my family got to look forward to every night. Even now, I love to perform whether it's at home in front of my four roommates, on the court or at practice.

I live on campus but go back and forth between home because I love spending time with my family. I also love home-cooked meals. My dad is quite the chef. I enjoy every soft of Italian food, love Chinese, and ice cream is another downfall. If you have never been to Freeziac in Eden Prairie you have to check it out for the best frozen yogurt bar around town.

I love the color purple, love fall and all the fall colors as well. I enjoy it because my birthday is in October (a fall month) and the beautiful scenery when the leaves fall. I love Minnesota for all four seasons, not exactly the 20 below walks into campus but other than that I am a big hat and scarf person and love getting bundled up when it's chilly.

That was a little bit about me, hope you enjoyed reading it and see you at the games
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