Game Night Spotlight: U.S. Bank Dice Roll

Game Night Spotlight: U.S. Bank Dice Roll

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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One lucky fan was given the chance to win more than just a great time at the Timberwolves versus Clippers game Wednesday night. If she could get the right roll of the dice, she would win a brand new iPad from US Bank.

As she lined up to put her luck on the line, B-Wright explained the rules. She would roll two dice. On each side of the dice was either a Timberwolves logo or a US Bank logo.

If she rolled the Timberwolves logo, she would win a Wolves Prize Pack. If she rolled one US Bank logo she would win a $50 US Bank card. And if she rolled two US Bank logos, she would win a brand new iPad.

She took a step into the first toss and rolled the dice. It landed on the Timberwolves logo and her chances of winning an iPad vanished. With one remaining roll, the fan hoped for the $50 US Bank card. Luck wasn’t in her favor as the dice landed on the Wolves logo.

None-the-less, she went home with a fancy Timberwolves Prize Pack and a chance to have some fun in front of the Target Center crowd.

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