Game Night Spotlight: Tag Team's "Whoomp There It Is"

Photo Credit: David Sherman & Jordan Johnson/NBAE/Getty Images

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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In 1993, a revolutionary song hit the airwaves. “Whoomp There It Is” topped the charts as the duo of “Tag-Team” became nationally recognized.

Over 20 years later, the hip-hop duo of DC the Brain Supreme and Steve Roll’n brought their “one hit wonder” back to the Target Center court.

DJ Mad Mardigan started the performance out right spinning the track and pumping up the crowd, who had no idea they were about to be brought back to the days of “Jock Jams.”

Crunch got in on the action as the tandem hit center court. Dressed in a black leather vest, he jammed out with the old-school rap duo.

“I’m familiar with the song so it was nice to put some faces to the classic throwback jam!” Timberwolves fan Jessica Hulzebos said after watching “Tag-Team” perform.

Dominic Armstrong was one fan that was completely surprised by the halftime performance. “I loved it,” Armstrong said of the entertainment act.

And he wasn’t alone, as many others were left on their feet swaying back and forth and singing along with “Whoomp There It Is!”

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