Game Night Spotlight: Make a Basket Challenge

Game Night Spotlight: Make a Basket Challenge

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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Four lucky fans lined up on the court of Target Center during Friday night’s Timberwolves home win over the Dallas Mavericks. The objective, sounded simple: Make a layup, free throw, 3-point and half-court shot. With each completion came a various Timberwolves prize item.

The first contestant up was Sadie, who made the quick layup, free throw and 3-point shot. With more than enough seconds left on the clock, Sadie couldn’t get the ball quite far enough on the half court shot.

Next up was Justin, who hit the easy layup and free throw, but got stuck on the 3-point shot. He had a unique style of throwing the ball up, but couldn’t connect long range.

After that was Kendell, who without sweating it, made the lay up and free throw. Unfortunately, she as well got stuck on the 3-point shot.

It was up to the last contestant Ike to complete the shot challenge. Ike showed style going up with the left-handed layup. Draped in a Timberwolves t-shirt, Ike made the free throw and 3-point shot with time to spare. During the half court shot attempts, Ike came the closest, even once grazing the rim. With five seconds to go… Ike threw up one last attempt. The ball bounced around the rim before finally falling to the ground. The crowd erupted in disappointment with a spontaneous “Ohhhhh!”

All four contestants walked away with Timberwolves prizes none-the-less.

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