Game Night Spotlight: Human Hamster Ball Races

Game Night Spotlight: Human Hamster Ball Races

Photo Credit: David Sherman & Jordan Johnson/NBAE/Getty Images)

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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Fresh off a recent proposal… a newly engaged couple put their love to its first test Wednesday night during the Timberwolves halftime show.

The future groom took his spot inside the blue ball, while his fiancée stepped into the green ball for some Human Hamster Ball competition.

This two-lap race began on the cue of B-Wright. With the fiancée being much shorter, the blue ball took the lead around the first cone.

However, the bride-to-be refused to get the short-end of the stick, as she pushed her way back into the contest.

As the contestants made their way around the final cone, the blue ball suddenly started to slow. “Out of breath,” the groom was hesitant to continue. Meanwhile, the green ball came barreling down the court and crossed the line for a photo finish.

The bride-to-be took home the Metro Transit prize pack, but the groom took the loss very well and the happy couple walked off the court together in an embrace.

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