Game Night Spotlight: Father-Son Tricycle Relay

Game Night Spotlight: Father-Son Tricycle Relay

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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Three father-and-son teams lined up to take part in the Tricycle Relay challenge during halftime at Target Center during Wednesday night’s Timberwolves versus Cavaliers game.

The father’s were up first. They looked ready to roll as they stepped behind the wheel of an oversized blue tricycle. On the signal of “go,” the dads peddled as fast as they could around the orange cone near the opposite end of the court. All three stayed on pace and were neck and neck as they returned to the starting line.

Around the same moment, the three sons took off towards the cone, each battling for position. The first son around the cone took a costly wide turn, while the second tightly squeezed through. The third son was turned around and ended up facing the wrong direction as the other two rode towards the finish line.

In a close contest, the second team crossed the finish line first. The dad looked very proud as his son, dressed in a fancy blue Timberwolves jumper, cycled across and won them the Metro Transit Prize Pack.

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