Game Night Spotlight: The Beale Street Flippers

Game Night Spotlight: The Beale Street Flippers

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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An urban acrobatic sensation arrived at Target Center during the Timberwolves versus Miami Heat game on Saturday night.

The Beale Street Flippers entertained the crowd with a popular halftime act that landed them as semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent.

The group of four combines their street smarts with athleticism and professionalism, leaving crowds breathless throughout the NBA and crowning them as one of the favorite halftime acts.

Originally from Memphis, the Beale Street Flippers began the show with their tricks and flips across the Timberwolves logo. The group upped the stakes, attempting the same flips one-handed, and then with no hands at all.

For their final stunt of the night, the Timberwolves interns lined up at center court. The Beale Street Flippers positioned themselves under the hoop and ran full speed ahead at the interns. The crowd erupted as the final group member flipped over the top of the interns and landed safely on the Target Center court.

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