STH Experience: Off the Court

Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

The Timberwolves have shown their fans excitement on the court this season with Kevin Love putting up historic numbers, Michael Beasley coming into his own, Darko Milicic restarting his career, Martell Webster providing energy off the bench and Wes Johnson developing into quite the rookie, but excitement has also made its way off the court.

So far this season, season ticket holders have participated in various events from a rookie party at 508, various autograph signings and meet and greets, to a holiday card making workshop exclusively for female season ticket holders.

The Timberwolves organization is dedicated to providing their season ticket holders with exclusive access to players that allow for unforgettable one-on-one interactions, memorable and unique events that bring together those who are both new and old to the pack, and above all else exceptional customer service that according to rookie season ticket holder Trevor Throntveit, "(Makes) you feel like you're a part of the Timberwolves family."

To kick off the 2010-11 season the Timberwolves hosted an all rookie season ticket holder road watch party at 508, when Minnesota took on the newly revamped Miami Heat. Guests in attendance got a chance to meet and mingle with fellow rookies, all while enjoying food, drinks and their Wolves on the road. Rookie Rebecca Robinette weighed in on Michael Beasley making his first trip to Miami since being traded this past summer. "I'm hoping he shows them what a mistake they made by letting us take him away."

During the watch party Throntveit explained how he convinced three of his best friends to make the commitment with him, "I figured going to games alone is never any fun, so, I recruited three of my best friends and we go to every game." Throntveit also raved about the benefits and perks of being a season ticket holder. "So far we've gotten a number of free additional tickets on top of the ones we ordered, which is really nice - we can bring extra friends and we have an event like this where we get treated to dinner and a couple's nice."

Julie Benick, a six year season ticket holder attended the holiday card making workshop and had nothing but glowing remarks about the Wolves and their effort both on and off the court. "I had been going to enough games a year that it just kind of seemed to make sense. I really enjoy basketball and I really enjoy the Timberwolves, especially. I decided to take the plunge and I'm very happy that I did." Benick explained the benefits outside of just having season tickets, "I'm excited to be involved with stuff like this (card party). I think it's a great way to meet other season ticket holders. You don't always necessarily sit by season ticket holders, so, it's a great way to network and I think it's a great opportunity for people that have businesses to reach out and pick up potential new customers."

The holiday card making workshop hosted by season ticket holder and Senior Director of Stampin Up Cherie Manderschied proved to be quite the success. Female season ticket holders were treated to each making a holiday gift bag and card, all while enjoying wine, champagne, desserts and appetizers. Karen Nickens, a first year season ticket holder made the jump to full-time season ticket holder. "My father had season tickets for many, many, many years and I was coming to the games. I just decided to start my own little tickets and they had such great deals last year." Nickens was thrilled to attend the card making workshop. "I am a card maker. This was an excellent choice for the Timberwolves to have Stamping Up here - this was just a great event so that the women get together. We've been singing Christmas carols at the table and eating and it's been so much fun!"

Many loyal Timberwolves fans become season ticket holder for various reasons. Robinette listed off a few reasons for those who may be on the fence about making the commitment. "This is unbelievable. We found out we get a luncheon with our representative, they upgraded us to Lexus seats for my birthday - that was a super treat, the VIP lines at the concession and the website...we love that! There is a special spot for the season ticket holders. It makes you feel a little special."
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