National Spotlight: Jonah Ballow with Ric Bucher

National Spotlight: Jonah Ballow with Ric Bucher

Jonah Ballow
Wolves Editor/Writer

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Ric Bucher

Jonah Ballow: What do you think about him (Kevin Love) making this All-Star team and finally get to see him on the floor with the big stars?

Ric Bucher: It's great that it happened for him...I didn't think it would happen for him, because he doesn't have a dynamic game and the Timberwolves in particular, their record I knew was going to hurt him, but the fact that they recognized there are subtleties to his game and that what he's doing is historic in a lot of ways - certainly matching Moses Malone's 30-30 was pretty impressive. I'm just really happy for him. Now, I will tell you that he and I actually talked about this and I told him, 'You know don't be so sad if you don't make it, because your game is not really suited to the All-Star Game - you're not going to do any high flying dunks or anything, you might actually be embarrassed.' And he said, 'What are you talking about?' and I said, 'I need you to pull up at the three-point line on a break and hoist a three - that would be flashy,' he's promised me he's going to do, we'll see (taped prior to the game).

Jonah Ballow: What do you think the national perception is through the media? You cover the NBA from a wide perspective - what do you think about Kevin Love and what he's done and what some of your fellow writers in the national field feel?

Ric Bucher: The sense I get is that a lot of them wanted to see him honored, because for people who are basketball people they recognize how difficult it is to do what he's doing. The rebounding that he's doing and the scoring that he's doing - he is a complete player. As I said, he's not flashy, but he does all of the little things and that's not appreciated enough. If the league really wants the game to be at a high level and wants guys to aspire to do those little things that make the game so beautiful, then you need to reward a Kevin Love when he's doing all of those things.

Jonah Ballow: How about a centerpiece for the Minnesota Timberwolves? They have not had an All-Star since Kevin Garnett left, he was a double-double machine, but now Kevin Love a welcomed surprise in the fact that now you can build your team around him.

Ric Bucher: It's interesting because if you talk to GMs and people around the league they're actually impressed with the talent that Minnesota has. The pieces aren't quite there and they're still trying to dig themselves out - they've got to figure out how they want to play, but it's not as if they're bereft of talent. They don't put them in the same category as the Cleveland Cavaliers - that were built on specialists to put around LeBron James. The feeling is David Kahn has done a nice job of collecting talent, now it's just a matter of figuring out how those puzzle pieces are going to go together.

Jonah Ballow: We hope it does come together soon for the Minnesota Timberwolves, thanks so much for your time.

Ric Bucher: My pleasure.
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