B-Wright Bringing Enthusiasm As Wolves In-Game Host

Mark Remme
Wolves Editor/Writer

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You name it, and Brandon “B-Wright” Wright has probably heard it. As the host of Target Center’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx in-arena games and events, he’s become just as identifiable with both organizations as some of the players on the teams.

So when he strolls through Target Center wearing Timberwolves jerseys or t-shirts, fans stop and chat with him about the club. And when he’s grocery shopping at Cub Foods, he’ll field questions about anything from Kevin Love to Candice Wiggins.

And without fail, on game days he’ll have fans begging to try the Klondike Bar in-game challenge.

“If there’s 15-16,000 people at a game, even one percent of those people—so like 150 people—still come up to me asking me to do the Klondike question,” B-Wright said. “It really is that chocolaty-coated ice cream, so big and thick no room for a stick.”

In talking with B-Wright, you’ll know he loves every minute of it. As a life-long basketball fanatic who grew up in the same Louisiana town where Karl Malone played his college basketball, B-Wright fell in love with the sport at a young age and uses that enthusiasm to help entertain the masses at Target Center during each home game.

He’s all over the arena on game days. You’ll spot him introducing fans pre-game, doing in-game announcements and emceeing many of the contests and promotions taking place during Wolves and Lynx games.

"I love the fans. I love the fact that they love basketball," B-Wright said. "It's more that I'm talking to them as a basketball fan."

B-Wright, who is in his eighth year in the radio business, has spent the past four seasons with the Lynx and is in his second season with the Wolves. He’s experienced the ups and downs with both franchises and has enjoyed the rise of both in the past calendar year—highlighted by the Lynx’s WNBA title last fall.

Through those highs and lows, B-Wright is a constantly visible figure on the court and in the stands.

“I’m not on the team, but I’m the head cheerleader for the team,” B-Wright said. “Really, it’s just what it feels like to me. So far, with Prowl and Crunch, I feel like it’s Crunch and I, and Prowl and I, we’re responsible for these fans and we’re going to have a fun time together.”

This season, Minneapolis-native Ben Quam joined B-Wright as an in-game host. A disc-jockey for the past 11 years and a longtime Minnesota sports fan, Quam said he’s learned a lot from working with B-Wright and the two have developed a strong in-game rapport together.

Quam’s first game was the Wolves tilt with Sacramento on Jan. 16.

“He’s an absolute consummate professional,” Quam said. “To have him tell me before games, we spend 20 minutes going back and forth on how we’re going to say certain things.”

The two said they feed off the crowd just as much as the fans feed off them. During Minnesota’s last-second win against the Utah Jazz on Feb. 22, when Quam said he and the Wolves dancers prematurely ran onto the floor while the referees reviewed Luke Ridnour’s game-winning shot, emotions were as high as ever. Quam said it’s the loudest he’s ever heard Target Center.

B-Wright said that type of atmosphere is what his job is all about.

“It sends me through the roof,” B-Wright said. “It makes me want to give them more. I’m totally excited but I have to contain myself, because I’m also a fan of the team. As a professional, it’s a double-edged sword. I can’t let my emotions take control, either, but I also have to show the fans that I am emotional about this team, about the excitement for the game of basketball. That’s kind of where it becomes exciting.”

He said there are times when he’s jumping up and down and yelling right along with the fans.

“I feel like I’m the ambassador to the fans,” he said. “I take their feedback, their complaints, their anger, their excitement, their happiness. At the same time, I have to be able to entertain them and still do my job as the host of the arena.”

No question, B-Wright and Quam wouldn’t have it any other way. With each passing year, B-Wright said he’s learned more and more about hosting games at Target Center. He’s hoping he can pass that knowledge along to Quam throughout this season.

While he’s at it, he’ll continue to bring enthusiasm and entertainment to Wolves and Lynx games each night. There really isn’t one part of the Timberwolves in-game experience B-Wright hasn’t tackled, with the exception of completing the Klondike Bar challenge himself.

Not that he wouldn’t try if given the opportunity.

“I’d probably do anything,” B-Wright said, laughing. “Just the fact that people would do anything for a Klondike Bar, it just comes back to being a fan of the game.”

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