Tolliver Assists in Joplin and Hosts Clinic

Tolliver Assists in Joplin and Hosts Clinic

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For most NBA players the summer is a time to relax, recover, and mentally prepare for another 82-game grind. While Wolves forward Anthony Tolliver is making sure to cross off these tasks on his summer checklist, there are more important issues at hand. On May 22, a severe tornado blasted through Joplin, Missouri, leaving a town devastated with a high death toll and at least 8,000 damaged apartments and homes. The deadliest single tornado since modern record-keeping ravaged a six-mile path in Joplin and now the community is attempting a substantial rebuilding effort.

Tolliver is heading to Joplin on Monday to assist in the monumental clean-up before hosting a Wednesday basketball clinic for the children affected by the storms.

"We were just trying to think of a unique way to help out that would be different," Tolliver explained. "This is one way to help bring up the spirits for some of those kids down there."

The clinic is free for children in kindergarten through eighth grade and will be located at the Sports Park of Southwest Missouri. Tolliver is a major contributor to various community outreach programs but this specific natural disaster hit closer to home for the Springfield, Missouri native.

"Absolutely, I mean it's really close to home -- about 45 minutes from Springfield. When I heard about it, I immediately wanted to forget how a way to help out and like I said, this is one way we decided to help out down there and it's seems like it's become a pretty cool little deal so far. A lot of people are really excited about it," Tolliver said.

Tolliver's plan is twofold, delivering some enjoyment for a community that has suffered for several weeks along with spreading the word around the country to potentially generate donations.

"I wanted to open it up to everybody not only here in Springfield and Joplin but anybody across the country who wanted to help but didn't necessarily know how," Tolliver added. "I wanted to provide an avenue and a direct line into Joplin and I know the people at Abundant Life Christian Center are doing a lot of really good things in that community, so I wanted help in more than one way."

Wolves assistant coach Reggie Theus will also join Tolliver for the three-hour clinic on Wednesday as members of the town search for brighter days. Donations can be sent to Abundant Life Christian Center, 6863 E. Newman Road, Joplin, Mo., 64801.
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