STH Experience: Part of the Pack

Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

The Timberwolves are committed to enhancing the fan experience, while making sure that the fans are getting the best possible value for their investment.

"This is my first year of being a season ticketholder. It's just so exciting. We've come always to see the Wolves. It's just a big part of our lives, but we thought we would make the commitment, because then we're here all the time. We've become part of the family that really is the Timberwolves," said N.M. Kelby a rookie season ticketholder who joined the pack for the 2010-11 season.

Earning the reputation of having the best fans in the league has taken some hard work but Wolves season ticketholders weren't afraid of the challenge. Roger and Deb Deserano stepped up to that challenge in 1998 when they first purchased season tickets and offered up some advice for those looking to make the jump from single game purchasers to season ticketholders. "Well for one it's a guaranteed seat when you get here and it does show support for the team. If you're a fan at all you can put some kind of package together and now that they offer so many different packages it's a little bit more affordable than it used to be five years ago even," exclaimed Roger.

Mitch Franklin, a 10 year season ticketholder who splits his tickets with friend Matt Nelson also weighed in. "I believe that the Timberwolves organization is the best part about having season tickets. I think they are just straight up great. They answer all questions, they always keep in touch with us and tell us what's going on with the team and they do all kinds of perks for us. It's just wonderful. They do so much to keep their fans in the game and their fans knowing that the staff appreciates them."

With the team identifying a young core of players including: Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Darko Milicic and Wes Johnson season ticketholders have been able to cheer for a group that is going to grow and move forward together.

The newest additions to the team are making quite the impact and becoming fan favorites. "Right now it's Michael Beasley - tons of talent, more talent than we're used to having around here. He's fun to watch, he plays hard, great hair...yeah I'm a Beasley guy," said Adam Storry who became a season ticketholder two seasons ago with three other friends. "Some friends and I got them to get out of the house. We're basketball fans and Wolves fans, but basically it was a reason to go out and do something in the winter time, and low and behold they've become fun to watch in two years, so, it worked out very well."

A Wolves season ticketholder has other perks and benefits besides being guaranteed the same great seats every home game."There are special events, most recently I bought additional tickets for Jingle Ball, so, I got a suite for my daughters, they are 13 and 11 and they got a chance to invite 10-15 of their favorite friends. It was a pretty big hit - we got a little party bus for them and they got a chance to enjoy the Jingle Ball experience in a suite," explained Antonio Smith, a three year season ticketholder who made the jump to purchase season tickets due to being a small business owner. "I use the season tickets for my employees and for my clients, as well as I donate them to DeLasalle High School. My wife and I attend games, as well as with my family too - my daughters."

For those fans that are currently on the fence about making the commitment to purchase season tickets should take rookie Phil Doucette's advice, "It's not a waste...It's full on entertainment. It's non-stop.' And that's what I love about the NBA and basketball and the Minnesota Timberwolves. There's a time out, there's something going on, there's energy, there's activity in the building the whole game, through and through, and the staff here treat you unbelievably. So, I've been really, really proud and I'll continue to be a season ticketholder as long as I'm here in the city...even if there's a lockout."

With 41 home games season ticketholders admit it's sometimes difficult to make it to every game, despite their dedication, but they surely don't let their tickets go to waste. "If I have extra tickets I give them to Tickets for Kids and they really appreciate getting those," said 10 year veteran Nelson. First year season ticketholder Kelby also admitting to donating, "We try to donate them or give them to our friends and try to encourage them to get season tickets too, because it's really fun if you can all come out and play. We all have to howl with the Wolves, you know?"
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