Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

The Timberwolves have come a long way in the course of a year. From a complete roster overhaul to Kevin Love proving he's got the numbers to make the All-Star team. Despite on court struggles throughout the season Wolves season ticket holders have stuck by their team and have continued to prove their loyalty and support. To reward these fans that go above and beyond the Timberwolves have created special events that continue to enhance the overall experience of a being a season ticketholder.

These initiatives are known as "touchpoints," events that were specially designed and tailored to provide season ticket holders with unique experiences that allow them to feel like they are an even bigger part of the pack. "Our touchpoint program involves everything - it's a look "behind the curtain" is what we always say, it's anything from sitting on the bench pregame, to having your kids rebounding for the guys before a game, they could be kids captains, meaning the Timberwolves team captains or opposing team captains, you could go on the locker room tour," explained Jeff Munneke Vice President of Client Development & Community Youth Basketball. "It's all kinds of opportunities where we feel it's most special in helping build relationships with our key clients, which is the season ticket holders."

The touchpoints truly give season ticket holders the VIP treatment. Young fan Julian Santiago got a chance to go on the locker room tour which allows fans to tour through the organization's front office, the Wolves locker room and into the depths of the Target Center. "We saw the conference room and we got to see the locker room and where the players meet their families and the media room," Santiago said. His favorite part? "Going in the locker room (and seeing) Wesley Johnson's shoes." According to Santiago there were at least 30 pairs. Erik Ostlund a rookie season ticket holder was also on the locker room tour with Santiago. "It was a lot of fun. I've never gotten to be behind the scenes with the Timberwolves. I got to see their locker room, the workout facility, the training facility and Kosta Koufos walked past us during the tour. We got to see where the players hang out in between practice and waiting for the game."

Some of the various touchpoints offered to season ticketholders include a Pregame Bench Sit where fans get to sit courtside and watch both teams conduct their pregame warm-up routines; the Kids Captain which allows young fans to participate in various on court activities during the game introduction, including a picture and autograph from one of their favorite players at center court; the Locker Room Tour and many more. According to Munneke there are, "A variety of about 20 things every single game night."

As the newly revamped team on the court grows they are looking for a fan base that is excited and willing to grow with them off the court. The Timberwolves offered their season ticket holders the option to renew their tickets for next year at the same low price they paid last season. Ostlund joined the pack last year due to low season ticket price options and was thrilled to hear the prices would not being increasing next season for those who came on board as early as last season. "The price was unbeatable this year! I'm a really big Timberwolves fan, I love watching basketball and with the promotion last May I couldn't turn it down."

Season ticket holders are treated to both entertainment on and off the court. By joining the pack fans are able to take advantage of the MVP Rewards Program, MVP Loyalty Benefits, private team-hosted events and access to the players, coaching staff and front office.

By providing these touchpoints and various events exclusively for season ticket holders it has truly created a one of a kind experience. Ostlund elaborated on how the perks and benefits of being a season ticketholder has only enhanced his fan experience. "For me as a basketball fan I get to come in, see things, get access to the players and the whole Timberwolves experience much more so than if I was just buying tickets on a one-off game basis. Just given the number of opportunities that I've had to be able to come in and meet the rookie class of players, or listen to David Kahn speak. It's definitely something where the doors and the arms have been open."
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