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Fantasy Forecast: Week 14

As week 14 of the NBA season is us, the big talk around the league is still where Carmelo Anthony is going to land. He recently refused to talk with the Nets about a contract extension and it looks more and more like it is New York or bust for Melo this season. Is it just me or does this remind anyone of Shaquille O’Neal and his exit from Orlando? The Nuggets are watching the trade value of their star player dwindle faster than Enron stock!

What this means in fantasy terms is the Nuggets will either deal Melo for less than market value because the Knicks know they have the leverage or he will stay in Denver and go on about business as usual. If he does go to the Knicks, Amare Stoudemire will sell fewer double teams and Raymond Felton might just get a bump into the second tier of fantasy PGs with Melo and Amare to dish the rock to. All we can do is wait and see on “As the Melo-World turns.”

Start Em'
PG - Raymond Felton: Speaking of Felton, I really like him this week as he plays four games against two very sub .500 teams and two of the top five teams in the East. Last week Felton managed to put up 13.5 points and 8.0 assists a night and that was in a similar schedule with the Spurs/Thunder being the top teams and the Suns/Rockets being the sub .500 teams.

SG – Trevor Ariza: Ariza dual qualifies at SG and SF and he is on a good run right now. Over the past two weeks Ariza has put up 12.0 points and 6.9 rebounds a night, but his shooting has been atrocious. If you can handle the 40 percent shooting, Ariza is owned in just 83 percent of leagues and should be cheap in salary cap leagues.

SF – Nick Young: Young is averaging just over 40 MPG while scoring 23.4 points and snatching 5.0 rebounds a night over the past two weeks, yet he is owned is just 74 percent of leagues and started in 64 percent of leagues. How can a guy scoring 23-plus points be unowned in 26 percent of leagues while Brandon Roy is still owned in 57 percent of leagues and might not even play again this season?

PF – Chris Bosh: Bosh is recovering from a sprained left ankle, and he said on Saturday night that he still can’t job on it. Word is that he could miss another full week and I don’t want to take a chance as we near mid-season. I’d sit Bosh this week and pray he spends some quality time with the training staff.

C – Ryan Anderson: Why is it that you people aren’t listening when I talk about Anderson? The guy has put up 113 points and 52 rebounds (29 defensive, 23 offensive) the last two weeks, that averages out to 16.1 points and 7.4 rebounds while coming off the bench and playing 26:34 MPG. Anderson is owned in a ridiculous 47 percent of leagues, and started in just 37 percent of those leagues.

Sit Em'
PG – Andre Miller: Miller left Saturday’s game after just three minutes with a bout of gastroenteritis, but that is not the only reason he made the sit list this week. The Trail Blazers also play just two games this week and that plus the illness makes him a hard play. Miller is a streaky player so you have to keep an eye on him, so sit him for a week then stick him back in for week 15 when the Trail Blazers play four games.

SG – Marcus Thornton: Thornton has had three straight solid games, but Ariza is back after missing a game and that pushes Thornton back to coming off the bench. Thornton’s stats are unpredictable when not starting, so I’d look to bench him or sell high before he goes back to single digit scoring totals.

SF – Ron Artest: Ron-Ron is a defensive stopper more than an offensive force, but when he is on, he is on. The problem is he will score 19 points today and six points tomorrow… you just don’t know. I don’t think Artest does a lot of scoring while covering Andrei Kirilenko, Omri Casspi and Paul Pierce this week.

PF – Marcus Camby: Here we go again with Cotton Camby and his injury woes. Camby is projected to miss three weeks after undergoing left knee surgery Thursday, meaning you want to pull him from your line-ups immediately. It will take him a few games or more to get back into the groove when he does return, but he is a rebounding machine when in the game. I wouldn’t cut him just yet as he does dual qualify at PF/C, but I would look for rebounds from someone like Anderson if you need them.

C – Roy Hibbert: It kills me to do it, but I am going to sit Hibbert again this week. Yes, he did double-double in his return from the flu, but the Pacers play just three games this week (21 teams play four games) and the Pacers are still using a small line-up. The 11 points and 10 rebounds were encouraging, but I need to see some consistent minutes and numbers before I can put him back into the fantasy rotation.
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