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Fantasy Forecast: Week 11

Week 11 of the NBA season is not just another week to fantasy sports fans. This week marks the end of fantasy football and that means you will have nothing but time to devote to making your fantasy basketball team the best in the league. The first thing you’ve done right so far is coming here to get accurate and free fantasy advice via your favorite NBA team’s website, so good job there. What we have to do now is keep that positive motion going by making the right calls on who to sit and who to start. In order to do that, we need to get caught up on the latest injury reports, so let’s get to it.

Injury Report
Kevin Garnett: Garnett’s MRI came back negative, but he is expected to miss "a couple of weeks at most" with a strained muscle in his right calf. Two weeks is better than two months, but Glen Davis is a must-own while KG is out.

Gerald Wallace: Wallace is dealing with an aggravation of a previous bone bruise in his left ankle and he is day-to-day. He was carried out of Sunday's practice after falling to the floor on a contested basket. He missed five games recently due to a bone bruise in his left ankle, we’ll have to wait and see what his status is this week.

Caron Butler: Butler appears to have at least a partial tear of the patella tendon in his right knee, which would sideline him for at least two months. If it's turns out to be a full tear, he would miss the rest of the season. Go ahead and cut him now.

Andre Iguodala: Iggy will miss two of the team’s four games this week because of his ongoing right Achilles tendinitis. Hopefully this will get the problem solved, but I would still be looking to trade him just in case it doesn’t. He is a sell-low guy right now, but hopefully you can trade on name value alone.

Dirk Nowitzki: Nowitzki is dealing with a strain behind one of the muscles in his right knee and has missed the last three games. Word is he will be back “sometime this week”, but with just three games in week 11, even one missed game could be devastating to your stats.

Start Em'
PG - Rajon Rondo: Rondo is back from his ankle injury and is ready to take back his starting PG spot for your fantasy team. The Celtics play four games this week and that makes Rondo a top tier PG option in all formats.

PG - Luke Ridnour: Luke Skywalker is largely unowned in fantasy leagues (owned in just 54 percent of leagues), making him a prime waiver wire addition mid-season. Over the past 14 days he has managed to rattle off 15.0 points, 7.0 assists and shoot a blistering 56.1 percent from the field, 94.1 percent from the free-throw line and 58.8 percent from the 3-point line.

SG - James Harden: Harden comes off the Thunder’s bench, but he has scored in double-digits in 10 straight games and is owned in just 44 percent of leagues. Harden doesn’t really hurt you in any one stat, so I wouldn’t hesitate to pick him up if you own someone like O.J. Mayo and are tired of waiting for him to be traded.

SF - Francisco Garcia: Garcia recently took over the starting SF spot and is averaging 12.8 points and 4.5 rebounds over the past four games. Being that he is owned in just 28 percent of leagues, I’d say he is someone to grab quickly before other owners cruise the waiver wire and snatch him up. The Kings are dead last in the NBA, so expect fluctuation stats throughout the season.

PF – Kurt Thomas: homas qualifies at both PF and C, making him that much more valuable while Joakim Noah is out. The truth is Thomas does little more than rebound and block shots, but that is good for a utility player because chances are you are hurting for boards and blocks unless you happen to have Kevin Love and JaVale McGee on your team.

C - Serge Ibaka: Ibaka has put up back-to-back double-doubles and played 31 minutes in both contests. The Thunder are a team built around one player for offense, but a player like Ibaka could flourish if he is willing to play the junk-yard dog role.

Sit Em'
PG - Baron Davis: I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but the Red Baron is still owned in an astonishing 82 percent of fantasy leagues. For a guy pulling 26:00 MPG and shooting 38.2 percent from the field and 63.2 percent from the free-throw line, 82 percent owned is simply shocking. If you still own him, just cut him and grab Ridnour.

SG - Jason Terry: Conventional wisdom would say that with Butler and Nowitzki missing time, Terry is a great play due to his scoring ability. However, his last two games have been less than impressive (7.5 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.0 assists on 6-31 shooting). Defenses can now key in on Terry and focus on taking his one-dimensional play away. I’ll pass this week, even though everyone else is buying his stock.

SF - Danny Granger: Those in daily leagues will obviously play Granger in both of his games this week, but I put him on the Sit ‘em list because he only plays twice. Granger is a statistical beast, but there is only so much damage you can do while sitting at home. Let’s hope the days off will heal up any aches and pains he might be playing through.

SF - Andre Iguodala: Not to beat a dead horse, but Iggy is going to miss too many games this week to still be a viable fantasy play. He would have to go all Kevin Durant on the league to have playable value, and it is safe to say at this point that Durant he is not.

PF - Dirk Nowitzki: If you are in a daily transaction league, then keep your ear to the ground. But, those in weekly transaction or cap leagues will want to just sit Nowitzki here because the risk is just too great that he could miss one or even two of the Mavericks three games this week.

C - Chris Kaman: Why is Kaman still owned in 68 percent of leagues? Even when he does come back, there is going to be an adjustment period. If DeAndre Jordan continues his recent play, Kaman could find a minute-splitting situation going on when he returns from his latest injury.
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