Minnesota Timberwolves and Club 3 Degrees Present Faith and Family Night Ticket Offers

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Club 3 Degrees present Faith & Family Night with the Veggie Tales Sheerluck Holmes Movie Premiere Party and Superchic[k] in concert on Feb. 24 when the Timberwolves take on the Denver Nuggets at Target Center. Be the first to see the latest Veggie Tales video on the big screen before the Timberwolves-Nuggets game, or enjoy an exclusive performance by Superchic[k] after the game.

Each Veggie Tales package includes one Timberwolves ticket, one pass to the exclusive pre-game Veggie Tales Movie Premiere at Club 3 Degrees and one $10 gift certificate for Northwestern Bookstores. There will be two showings of Sheerluck Holmes at Club 3 Degrees at 4:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. All attendants will have an opportunity to meet the stars of Sheerluck Holmes, Bob and Larry. Tickets for the Veggie Tales package are available for $24, $40, $55 or $65.

Veggie Tales, a series of kids shows and movies about computer-animated garden vegetables that learn about Bible stories and Sunday-school lessons, have sold more than 20 million copies their videos.

The Superchic[k] post-game concert package includes a Timberwolves-Nuggets ticket and a pass to the concert at Club Three Degrees. Tickets for the concert package are also available for $24, $40, $55 and $65.

Superchic[k], a Christian rock band, has received two Dove nominations and their songs have had over 40 major placements, including the TV show Alias and major motion picture, Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon. Superchic[k]'s lyrics are hope-filled and spiritually centered.

Tickets for the pre-game Veggies Tales Movie Premiere and for the exclusive post-game Superchic[k] concert are sold separately. For more information about the Sheerluck Holmes Movie Premiere call Travis Hamre at 612-673-1689 and for information about the Superchic[k] concert event call Rick Narvaez at 612-673-1669.