Draft Workouts - Shooting Guards

Draft Workouts - Shooting Guards

Jonah Ballow
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The Friday morning workout session featured four shooting guards battling at the Wolves practice facility. Obviously, Minnesota would like to acquire a scoring threat at the shooting guard position in Thursday's NBA Draft. Each prospect offers a different skill set that should translate to the next level. During the session, the assistant coaches ran the players through a variety of drills to test their ability to shoot off screens, hit pull-up jumpers, and attack with only seconds left on the game clock. The four potential draft picks also went head-to-head in a physical final drill that highlighted their isolation skills.

Take a look at some quick thoughts after watching the intense workout.

James Anderson - Oklahoma State (Ht. 6-6, Wt. 215)
David Kahn

Lawrence Westbrook
• Great length for position
• Deep range and nice midrange jumper
• Recovering from strained hamstring

Lance Stephenson - Cincinnati (Ht. 6-5, Wt. 210)
• Owns a power move off the dribble
• Nice first step
• Strong defender

Jordan Crawford - Xavier (Ht. 6-4, Wt. 195)
• Can score off the dribble or catch and shoot opportunities
• Quick first step
• Solid jump shooter from all spots on the floor

Terrico White - Mississippi (Ht. 6-5, Wt. 213)
• Resembles Ben Gordon
• Lighting quick moves to the rim
• Finds space to get jumper over taller defenders
Here is a 1-on-1 interview with Anderson after his first workout for the Wolves.

Jonah Ballow: How do you think you faired against some of the other shooting guards? You had three other guys in this workout.

James Anderson: I think I was solid after playing with a sore hamstring. I thought I was solid. I took a week off, and this is my first workout back so I thought I did a solid job, I thought I shot the ball well.

Jonah Ballow: Prior to the week off, how many workouts do you think you participated in since the end of college basketball?

James Anderson: Probably four or five.

Jonah Ballow: How do you think you've done so far? You're looking like a player that will probably go mid-first round, a talented guy that put up a lot of points at Oklahoma State; we saw a lot of your action. How do you think it's gone so far, where do you think you're going to end up in this draft?

James Anderson: I have no idea. I had the hamstring injury and haven't had as many workouts as were scheduled. I think I won't slip too far. I'm praying that I don't, just keeping the faith, and doing what I do, continue to believe and just keep working and see what happens June 24.

Jonah Ballow: What are the strengths you're going to bring to an NBA team next season?

James Anderson: Scoring abilities, creating for others and spreading the defense, being effective on the defensive end.

Jonah Ballow: The Timberwolves are looking to add a shooting guard, that's one of their needs coming into this season and you're a guy that could fill that role, what do you think about fitting in with this Timberwolves squad?

James Anderson: I think I would fit in good. They got a young point guard, same class as me. I think he likes to get up-and-down. I think I could be another scoring option on this team and affect the game in different ways to help this team get on a good run and have a good season.

Jonah Ballow: Do you think you really excel in a transition game? A half-court set? Is it a matter of just whatever offense you're in you can excel at?

James Anderson: I don't think it matters which offensive set. I think I can fit in anywhere and adjust. Just contribute any way I can.

Jonah Ballow: It seemed to get pretty physical out here with the guys, a lot of 1-on-1 stuff. Was it unique in the sense that you got to go up against shooting guards and really battle them in a 1-on-1 style?

James Anderson: Yeah, like you said it was a little physical. That's how it gets sometimes, that's how it's going to be in the league and we just have to start preparing our minds to have a physical mindset. Just coming out and going against these guys and playing some bigger guards, you have to play physical.

Jonah Ballow: Less than a week away from the draft, how are you feeling right now?

James Anderson: I'm excited. I'm just ready for it to come and see who goes where. Just ready to get to a team and start working and start learning.

Jonah Ballow: You see a guy like Kobe Bryant win a championship last night in that shooting guard position. In your mind, what is the most important thing for a shooting guard, coming into the league? You see a guy like him, who's a five time champion now and an MVP in this league. So what is important for a shooting guard to do at an NBA level?

James Anderson: Just study the game, study players like Kobe and just seeing what he's doing to be successful. Just learning the game as you go along, come in and prepare yourself, and doing everything off the court that affects on the court. I say just learning.
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