Draft 2K8 - Derrick Rose


Age: 19
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
College: Memphis
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6-3
Weight: 205
Class: Freshman

Rose possesses top-shelf overall athletic ability and has excellent size for a point guard. Known as a pass-first player, Rose has shown himself to be a more than capable scorer. He can get in the paint with ease thanks to outstanding one-on-one skills, leaping ability and quickness, and is strong enough to endure contact but still finish at the rim. His athleticism and competitiveness help with generally stringent defense, and he's a great floor leader. A two-time H.S. state champion at Simeon (Ill.) and Final Four All-Tournament team member after a terrific NCAA run as a freshman, Rose clearly makes his teammates better. Any team would be elated to have this can't miss player.

Like most 19-year-olds, Rose could use additional shooting polish, both from the field (though getting all the way to the rim helped him to shoot 46.7 in the regular-season as a Tiger), from three-point range (33.7 percent) and at the foul line (67.7 percent). To his credit, Rose shot 51.8 percent from the field in the NCAAs - including 84.1 percent from the line - but he made just 5-of-15 threes. He was the most athletic player on the floor in every high school game and nearly every college game, but won't be in the NBA (translation: his skills need polishing). But he seems to have the savvy to adjust and improve his game when he can't get by on ability alone.

Derrick Rose is good enough to fit in well with any team. Period. So, if you're and NBA GM in a position to draft him, you're hard pressed to say "No thanks. We're cool." Any doubt about Rose's future as a pro was pretty much eviscerated after he played the role of Optimus Prime in the NCAA Tournament. You know ... dominating things. The Timberwolves, however, could opt to re-sign Sebastian Telfair, who's proven himself to be more than capable at the point guard position (and is still just 22), and couple him with Randy Foye - the 2006 No. 7 overall pick - who can play both the point and shooting guard positions. If you get the first or second pick in Minnesota, do you still take Rose instead of a Michael Beasley or a Brook Lopez? Hmmmm.

Sludge's take on DERRICK ROSE

Rose raised an already sky-high profile by at times dominating the NCAA Tournament, leading his Memphis Tigers within a buzzer-beating three-pointer from Kansas (by Mario Chalmers, to force OT) away from a National Title. He raised his regular season shooting percentages from the field: 43/83 (51.8 percent); and foul line: 37/44 (84.1 percent), and vaulted himself into a heads up argument with Kansas State's Michael Beasley in the No. 1 pick argument by staying in the public conscious with two weeks in the spotlight.

Round 1: Memphis 87, Texas-Arlington 63
Round 2: Memphis 77, Mississippi State 74
Sweet 16: Memphis 92, Michigan State 74
Elite 8: Memphis 85, Texas 67
Final Four: Memphis 78, UCLA 63
NCAA Final: Kansas 75, Memphis 68 (OT)

Chad Ford's Top 100
"The best pure point guard in the draft draws some comparisons to Deron Williams. However, Rose is actually more athletic. Looks like a lock for a Top 5 pick and a potential No. 1 pick if Michael Beasley fails his background checks."

Draft Express
“He will certainly be in contention for the #1 spot, and while there’s no guarantee he’ll be a superstar, there’s no reason to think he won’t be at the very least, a good starting point guard for a long time, especially if he’s given ample time to develop his all-around game and garner the experience he needs at the point guard spot.”

“A breath taking athlete with terrific size for the point guard position at 6-4 ... His upside is truly special … An absolutely dazzling dunker with blinding speed ... Likely to be the most athletic PG in the league for years to come … A point guard in the truest sense of the word.”

College Hoops.net
“Fantastic one-on-one moves – killer crossover, shake-and-bake moves. Great ball handler. Can beat any defender off the dribble and knife into the heart of the defense to create for teammates or score on his own.”

Who's No. 1? Rose or Beasley?
"This year's draft once again presents us with a great debate at the top — Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley? Conventional wisdom has always been that when in doubt, go with size. But today's NBA premium on point guards evens the playing field."

Memphis Freshman Derrick Rose is a lot like Kidd
"Funny Calipari should mention the word kid. NBA point guard Jason Kidd is the player Rose is most often compared to."

Turns Out Rose Has Thorns - Self and Collins
"Out on the court, Bill Self stood on a ladder, trimmed a swatch of net and waited for T. Boone Pickens to make him the richest man in his craft. Under the stands, the Rev. Jesse Jackson sought out Derrick Rose and told him to hold his head high, not difficult when he's the sport's next great point guard and awaits megamillions in the NBA."

Memphis' Rose Blooms at the Perfect Time
"Derrick Rose couldn't help his draft stock much with a good showing in the NCAA Tournament, not since most teams had him No. 2 at worst anyway. But driving Memphis to the title game Monday as a true freshman was impressive résumé building that might have pushed him to No. 1 even among clubs needing a talented scoring forward such as Michael Beasley of Kansas State."

Dissed by a Rose
"If Rose is picked first in the NBA Draft, he will receive a guaranteed three-year contract worth $15,553,440. Rose's shoe deal could be worth more than that."

Chad Ford Mock Draft 1.0
No. 2 to Miami

Ford's Mock Draft 3.0
No. 1 to Chicago

Ford's Mock Draft 5.0
No. 1 to Chicago

No. 1 to Chicago

Draft Express
No. 1 to Chicago

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