Dashaun Wood Interview


Wright State guard Dashaun Wood

Q: On Wednesday's workout:
A: It went real well. It's a lot of guys competing for the same opportunity and it's fun to just be on a level like this. It's a great experience and you just got to give it all you've got.

Q: On how important being named the MVP of the Portsmith Invitational Tournament was in getting invited to NBA workouts:
A: It's very important. Like I said, there are a lot of tremendous athletes in that tournament and everybody's fighting to try to get to the next level, so to accomplish the things I did there opened some doors for me.

Q: On what he can bring to an NBA team:
A: I think I've got great speed; try to push the ball in transition, get guys open; try to use my penetration to get guys shots and finish from the lane. So, I just try to change the tempo of the game a little bit and make some plays.

Q: On things about his game that the Wolves may not have seen from Wednesday's workout:
A: Maybe my leadership, I talk a lot. I scream a lot on defense; I try to cause havoc out there and just all around leadership I try to show.

Q: On what parts of his game he hopes to improve still:
A: Maybe shooting the NBA three a little bit better. In this league, the superstars get dealt with a lot and you've go to be able to make the open shot. So that's one of the things I think I'll continue to work on to get better at.

Q: On the rest of his schedule:
A: I got about five more workouts, so got to get a lot of rest, eat and sleep to try to finish it up.