Beasley Provides Hope for HopeKids

Beasley Provides Hope for HopeKids

Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

Michael Beasley finished the season on a high note despite what the scoreboard said. Following the Wolves season finale against the Rockets on April 13 the Kansas State standout played host to a group of families from the organization HopeKids.

"We got the HopeKids tickets for the game in a suite, which a lot of people don't get to enjoy." Beasley explained. "They're going through a hard time right now, and their families are going through a hard time, so it's just a night on the town with good food and an enjoyable game, just getting their minds of everything."

HopeKids and their mission to provide support for families who have children with cancer or life-threatening medical conditions hit home for Beasley, as he too lost a young family member to cancer.

"I have a little cousin that died from cancer and ever since then I kind of made it my business and have kind of been determined to help find a cure. It's really hard to go through, but there's hope, hence HopeKids." The outgoing forward didn't stop there as he revealed how he's taking his level of commitment to finding an answer for childhood cancer one step further. "I'm still working and I'm starting my own foundation for cancer research and I just want to find a cure."

At the conclusion of the game Beasley's special guests discovered they were receiving a surprise visit from their gracious host. "I was completely shocked. I did not know!" exclaimed young fan Eddie Gerold, "and it was awesome because he signed my t-shirt and I can't wait to show it to my friends tomorrow."

Gerold went on to express his gratitude towards Beasley for donating his own time and money to the HopeKids cause, "I think it's phenomenal, because my sister has a brain stem tumor. I think that she's going to make it and I'm glad she had this experience tonight."
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