CDR, Others Complete Workout

Monday afternoon's workout at Target Center featured All-American guard Chris Douglas-Roberts out of Memphis, who was joined by Oregon's Bryce Taylor, Virginia Tech's Deron Washington and Frenchman Nicolas Batum. Golden Gopher Spencer Tollackson and Minnesota State University-Mankato center Atila Santos participated as well.

Subsequently, Wolves assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg took questions on CDR and also discussed Minnesota's plans to see players such as USC guard O.J. Mayo, Stanford centers Brook and Robin Lopez, UCLA guard Russell Westbrook and Italian prospect Danilo Gallinari this weekend in Los Angeles and potentially Chicago.

Q: On what he liked about seeing Chris Douglas-Roberts in person:
Hoiberg: He's such a great competitor. He's a guy that scores in a variety of ways. He's kind of unorthodox in the way he scores: going off his right leg; coming off the curl; shooting floaters; he just has a way of putting the ball in the basket. He had such a great year for Memphis and last season as well. He's a guy that has been there, he comes from a winning program and his team always seems to win. So, he's a guy that's very interesting.

Q: On if Douglas-Roberts' confidence is something the team likes to see:
Hoiberg: Sure. He's a very confident kid. You know, you like to see that. You like to see the guys that think highly of themselves and ones that think they'll have a long and successful NBA career and he's definitely one of those guys.

Q: On how important it is that Douglas-Roberts helped build a winning program:
Hoiberg: That's important. I mean, you look at what we've done, we tried to do that with Corey (Brewer), winning back-to-back national championships. Rashad (McCants) won a national championship; Randy Foye's team had a lot of success in college. You try to get guys from winning programs. I think the more winners you put together, the better off you are.

Q: On how preparing for the NBA Draft is like preparing for an exam:
Hoiberg: It really is. I mean, you do your studying all throughout the year ... You watch hopefully a lot of these guys play in Orlando. You watch a ton of film on them and study them. You make a bunch of background checks on these guys and then you bring them in for individual workouts and interviews. So yeah, it's like a giant test.

Q: On if seeing a prospect in person is the best way to evaluate their game:
Hoiberg: I think sometimes you can put too much emphasis into that. I think you put the whole package together and try to make the best pick. Psychologically we test these guys as well. They're all taking a written test after they shower. Some of these guys will have to meet with our (team) psychologist. You do a ton of work and put the whole thing together and hopefully make the right pick.

Q: On who else the team will be seeing on Friday in Los Angeles:
Hoiberg: We'll try to see both Lopez's (Brook and Robin). Depending on what is going on with (Russell) Westbrook ...We'll see him. We probably won't know until the day before we leave who exactly we'll see but we'll see Brook Lopez again for sure and we'll see (Danilo) Gallinari out there as well ...That's Friday and then there is a chance we are going to go see (USC guard) O.J. Mayo in Chicago on Saturday.

Q: On plans to see O.J. Mayo:
Hoiberg: He's training out there with Tim Grover and he'll put on a workout out there (on Saturday)...There's a good chance, but we don't want to say it's a 100 percent because it never is.

Q: On bringing European players to workouts:
Hoiberg: Well a lot of times they are still playing in their countries or their agents won't bring them over here. But these two guys we had ... We want to see as many people as we possibly can. We all saw these guys over in Europe this year live. It's good to see these guys over here and have them in for a workout. We're going to go out and see (Danilo) Gallinari in L.A. on Friday.