In Case You Missed It: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014


We know that you're busy and you might not have time to patrol 24/7. While we wish you would, that's fine. We've made a list of our content for the day so you don't have to go find it! Check it out. 


We are going to start off with perhaps the dunk of the year. And it didn't even happen in a game! Kevin Love and the Wolves practiced in Phoenix today and Love assisted himself with this one. Seriously, I was expecting Corey Brewer to come out of nowhere to throw it down! 


We posted our sixth episode of "Shot Clock Violation." In this episode, Kyle and Kelly discuss Kevin Love's triple-double, Jim Petersen's birthday and the many styles of Alexey Shved. Kyle also dances. It's scary. 


Rod Simons is blogging again. Today he talks about Minnesota's recent hot streak and the team's chances on making the Western Conference Playoffs. 


You haven't lived until you've heard world traveler Corey Brewer tell his stories from around the globe. Well, actually, you probably have, but we can assure you you'll live a lot better after watching this. 


And finally, we take a little trip down memory lane and revisit Jonny Voss and his trip to Collegeville back in 2003 to watch the team's Training Camp. He chats with Latrell Sprewell and Kevin McHale during his trip. Very cool behind-the-scenes video.