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Editor's Note: The Timberwolves community is fortunate to have a collection of dedicated, knowledgeable blogs that cover the team year in and year out. It's a network of gifted writers who bring a mixture of insightful analysis and humor to the game of basketball and the Wolves. Over the next nine weeks, will profile nine members of this community through a series of Q&A sessions with the founders and main contributors at each site. Part VII focuses on TWolves Blog, which began covering the Wolves in 2007 due to a mutual love and insatiable fandom for the team.

Blog Name: TWolves Blog
Web Address:
Year Established: 2007
Main Administrators (with Twitter handles): “College Wolf” (@CollegeWolf), “Mike Reynolds” (@TWolvesBlog), “DeROK”
Contributors (with Twitter Handles): Bonk (@DaBonk), Pants (@_pants), Tim Snyder

What sparked the creation of TWolves Blog and what is the focus message you try to send to your readers?

The blog was created out of mutual love and insatiable fandom for the Minnesota Timberwolves. With very few other outlets for Wolves related news and/or a communal meeting place for like-minded friends (at least, back in 2007); we felt that we should just go ahead and create our own little corner of the internet for ourselves and fellow fans. All are welcome at TWolves Blog, especially to the thriving community in our large, active TWolves Blog Community Forums.

What will readers find at TWolves Blog?

Our site features both front page content/blog posts as well as a forum with plenty of loyal members. The forum typically guides most of the daily discussion and interaction with readers, as front page posts are a bit more infrequent relative to other Wolves sites (which, conversely, generally do not have forums). Front page content is, at times, a bit more “laid back.” This is not to say we don’t take the success of the team seriously or provide what we hope is perceived as quality analysis, but we like to have fun with it whenever possible and not take ourselves too seriously.

From a feedback standpoint, why do viewers choose to come to your site?

The forum is a great way to organize free flowing topics for our visitors. This allows the user to control topics vs. admins and writers guiding discussion topics through articles. It is nice to have both with the hybrid forum/blog. We also play a game each season called the TimberPup game which keeps people engaged. It involves score and stat predictions with a winner at the end of each season. In the past we have had ticket giveaways and things for various contests (Mock Drafts, Wolves Lottery Mascot Challenge, etc.). Other than that, our front page content typically has a more “fan perspective” and I think readers appreciate that sometimes vs. what may be considered repetitive, dry game recaps and the like.

What keeps you so dedicated toward analyzing and following the Timberwolves each year?

It has certainly been difficult at times these past few seasons. I think it starts and ends with Minnesota winters. If you don’t like hockey, what else are you going to do with your time in sub-zero temperatures?

Favorite Wolves memory?

Why have one when you can have three? 1. Obviously the Western Conference Finals run was an amazing time for the franchise and remains the team’s peak of success. Among the current era: 2. Kevin Love’s 30-30 game. Being there in attendance made it exponentially better. Not only did he get the stat line, but the Wolves came back from (I believe) a 20 pt. deficit to win the game against the Knicks, 3. At the Wolves Draft party in 2009 when the Kings selected Tyreke Evans at No. 4, and the crowd’s reaction to Rubio falling to the Wolves at No. 5. You could feel the excitement. Let’s just not talk about what happened with the 6th pick. Rubio checking in for the first time in his first home pre-season game was pretty fun, too, and any moment up until his knee injury. I bought season tickets for the first time Rubio’s rookie year and it was a fantastic investment and full of amazing memories.

Biggest decision the Wolves need to make/address this offseason?

Literally? Pekovic. I think the FO has to bring him back no matter the cost. His offensive production is too critical to compete in the Western Conference. Even if he sits out 10-15 games due to injury, 60-70 games of Pek averaging 18 and 8 is dramatically better than 82 games of whatever I fear the alternative would be. Him and Rubio are just too good together in the half court. As for secondary moves, I agree wholeheartedly with Flip: add a few 3-point specialists. The 3-point specialist has been passed over by the Wolves FO for far too long, and the league is quickly gravitating towards teams scoring in increments of three. I also agree with Flip that something needs to be done to improve the training/medical resources and overall health of the team.

How do you view the Flip Saunders hire as the new President of Basketball Operations?

Well, right now I am viewing this as addition by subtraction. It was no mystery that David Kahn just had to go, and finding an upgrade over him was, frankly, an easy task. I think Flip certainly deserves a shot. His first personnel move was cutting bait on a potential trade asset in Brandon Roy, so we will see how the rest of the summer goes before making any sweeping judgments. As for the hire itself, I have to say it is typical Wolves. There were likely a group of solid candidates that were passed over just for owner comfort, so that is a tad concerning. Still, I am eager to see what he does. Flip knows the game well and is associated with the best times of this franchise, and I hope he and Adelman can create a winner quickly.

What was the most enjoyable storyline in the NBA this season? Why?

Seeing the Lakers fail for once? I kid. Maybe. Actually, as much as I loathe the Heat, watching them win 27 games in a row was pretty mesmerizing. Sure, they are cheaters, but seeing a team come together like that, you just have to respect it. Watching LeBron play basketball is truly something else. It is always fun to witness history like that.

Which beat writers do you follow closely to get more information on the Wolves?

Darren Wolfson and Jon Krawczynski have risen to the pinnacle of providing the latest and best in trade/team rumors and inside information, so I usually go to them first. For analysis and day-to-day stuff, there is no shortage of quality: Britt Robson of MinnPost is easily the best game analyst on the planet, and Jerry Zgoda of The Star Tribune and Ray Richardson of the Pioneer Press each provide solid recaps of team happenings and the occasional off the radar tidbit.

Which are some of your favorite NBA- and Timberwolves-related blogs you follow?

AWolfAmongWolves is usually my choice for game recaps. Howlin TWolf and Punch Drunk Wolves are other good sites. I also visit KFAN Rube Chat, as users in that forum are very quick to post the latest news and rumors, and are a hilarious bunch.

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