Blog Profile Central: Timberwolves Explosion

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Get To Know: Timberwolves Explosion

Editor's Note: The Timberwolves community is fortunate to have a collection of dedicated, knowledgeable blogs that cover the team year in and year out. It's a network of gifted writers who bring a mixture of insightful analysis and humor to the game of basketball and the Wolves. Over the next nine weeks, will profile nine members of this community through a series of Q&A sessions with the founders and main contributors at each site. Part VIII highlights Timberwolves Explosion, a podcast from right here in the Twin Cities that first hit the web in 2008.

Blog Name: Timberwolves Explosion Show
Web Address:
Year Established: 2008
Main Administrators (with Twitter handles): @WolvesExplosion, @forecasterte
Contributors (with Twitter Handles): @vinrok44, @CRTSDE

What sparked the creation of the blog and what is the focus message you try to send to your readers?

We often got frustrated how local radio almost never talked about the Wolves, and decided it was time to start our own Timberwolves show!

What will readers find on your site?

Listeners will find that we are very passionate about this team, and even when they go through long struggles, we continue to do the show, regardless.

From a feedback standpoint, why do viewers choose to come to your site?

People find our show to be very entertaining, along with being knowledgeable of the team, and also of the NBA in general.

What keeps you so dedicated toward analyzing and following the Timberwolves each year?

For one, we badly want this team to succeed, and get over the hump, but also, we grew up loving basketball, hence, this team is our team.

Favorite Wolves memory?

Easily would have to be the playoff run in 2004, if only Sam Cassell's back wouldn't have gone out, it would have been an even better memory.

Biggest decision the Wolves need to make/address this offseason?

Balancing the roster, getting players that belong at their position, and not having too many players at one or two spots. This team desperately needs a legit big guard.

How do you view the Flip Saunders hire as the new President of Basketball Operations?

A move that we wish could have happened sooner, the guy clearly knows basketball, and I think many would agree that Flip and McHale were in the wrong postions in the past, where a switch could have been a lot more successful for this franchise's history. Overall, having a man that not only knows the league up and down, but also has better player/people relation skills than the previous guy, is a huge upgrade for this franchise. Most importantly, Flip owning a stake, and Glen Taylor increasing his ownership, reassures fans that this team is here to stay.

What was the most enjoyable storyline in the NBA this season? Why?

Kind of a tough year all around, a lot of people got hurt, or didn't come back from an injury last year, all over the league, including here as well. This won't be very popular, but I have to go with the Miami Heat winning 27 games. I didn't think a modern day team was capable of sustaining a streak like that, I mean, 27 games? That's over a month of undefeated basketball, gotta hand it to the Heat.

Which beat writers do you follow closely to get more information on the Wolves?

Jerry Zgoda, and Jon Krawczynski. I also follow Darren Wolfson on twitter and 1500 ESPN, always has news and rumors!

Which are some of your favorite NBA- and Timberwolves-related blogs you follow?

Howlin' T-Wolf, Timber Pups, Courtside Podcast, Believe The Hype, Rip City Bad Boys, and The Crossover Podcast.

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