All Access: Joining The Twolves Army

Each night at Target Center, you can bet Section 121 will be filled with a raucous group of Timberwolves fanatics equipped with face paint, props and chants. Night in and night out, the Twolves Army is ready to cheer.

Their mission is to make Target Center a difficult place for opposing teams to play. They’ve got a collection of chants, cheers and traditions that not only contribute to the atmosphere at Target Center but also add to the experience of being in the Twolves Army.

“We stand up all game long and we cheer all game long as long as we can and for as long as we can,” John Castillo said.

They invite fellow fans to join their group each night by trading in their own game ticket for a spot in Section 121 via a seat locator table in the Target Center’s main entrance. Fans must be willing to stand the whole game and be loud and positive. Face paint and signs are encouraged, and only 99 seats are available in the section each night. Fans can also follow them on Twitter @TwolvesArmy to win tickets through contests throughout the season.

The Twolves Army brings a unique style to the arena each night, and they come up with their own ways to enjoy the game. One example is the vertical wave, which they implemented at Target Center last year.

Still, their main draw is dressing the part, being loud and showing the Wolves their support.

“I love being able to show my spirit for my team as strongly as possible and as audibly as possible,” Skolt Scott said. “The good lord blessed me with a lot of lungs, so I can belt it out.” takes an All Access look at what it takes to be part of the Twolves Army, bringing you behind the scenes with the loudest fans at Target Center.

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