Open Auditions Thursday for Timberwolves Dancers

The Timberwolves Dancers held their last prep class last week as the team prepares to host open auditions on Thursday, July 23 at the Graves 601 Hotel. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m.'s Philip Rossman-Reich sat down with team director Erica Lentsch to see how the prep classes went and preview what to expect at the open auditions. For more information on the Timberwolves Dancers, be sure to visit their official Web site on Hi, this is Philip Rossman-Reich with I’m here with Erica Lentsch, the director for the Timberwolves Dancers. We’re here to talk about the upcoming open auditions next Thursday, July 23.

The last prep class was held last week, how did those go?

Erica Lentsch: We held two prep classes in July, one was the sixth and one was on the 13th. Last Monday was our last prep class, we had a great turnout and we’re just excited for auditions. We had a lot of talented girls who not only have the dance ability but have the look that we’re going for. What kind of things were you working on in those prep classes to get these girls ready for the auditions?

Lentsch: Basically the prep class kind of gives the girls an inside look at what it entails to be a Timberwolves Dancer. They learn a piece of choreography that is similar in style to a routine that we perform on game night. Then they also have a chance to gather up and ask any other questions they have leading up to the audition process as well as go through some things about the season – such as the practice schedule, the game schedule and perks that go along with being part of the team. But very very informative, very very productive. Did you see a lot of people that you liked in that process?

Lentsch: The prep class, of course, is not an audition. But it gives us a chance to see the girls for the first time. A first impression is always a lasting impression. What’s the next step for these dancers? Is it straight to the open auditions?

Lentsch: We are done with our prep classes now and now we’re heading forward to open auditions, which is this coming Thursday the 23rd. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Graves 601 Hotel. What can prospective dancers expect when they head to the audition on Thursday?

Lentsch: That evening they’ll register around 5:30 and we’ll start with choreography around 6:15. That evening consists of two rounds. The first round, the girls will learn a piece of choreography and perform it in groups of four or five. The judges and I will then deliberate and make a cut and then announce those that will be advancing to round two. Round two will then begin. They will perform the routine once again in groups of about four or five. They will then be asked to do some basic skills across the floor. Once that’s finished, we will then deliberate and then announce those that will be advancing to our training camp/interview portion of the audition process. It seems like it’s a really taxing day for these girls.

Lentsch: It’s a very taxing day. It’s a long evening. And we’re not done there. They have, after that, a week training camp as well as interviews to get ready for the game performance at the Lynx game on August 1. Is there anything new we can expect from the Timberwolves Dancers next year that you can tell us?

Lentsch: We are just continuing to grow and make the program bigger and better every single year. We are looking for the best 13-15 girls and we’re just excited to announce the team coming August 2. The auditions again are Thursday, July 23, open to everyone. Registration is at 5:30 for anyone interested.

Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to seeing the new Timberwolves Dancers, look forward to seeing them at the Lynx game and next year.