2013 NBA Mock Draft Board - May 24





2013 NBA Mock Draft Board - May 24

Mark Remme
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The 2013 NBA Lottery is in the books, ensuring teams (and fans) have a firmer grasp of which teams will be selecting where during the June 27 NBA Draft. For now. We've still got a long way to go, and between now and next month we'll see prospects rise and fall, teams contemplate moves on the board and websites continuously debate how the Draft will play out countless times over. As we head into the final week of May and Draft workouts continue to take place, here is a sample of six mock drafts from reputable websites breaking down where they think prospects will be selected. The NBA Draft will take place June 27 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. and will be televised beginning at 6 PM on ESPN.

 NBA.com-Scott Howard Cooper (5/22)HoopsHype.com (5/21)HOOPSWorld.com (5/22)BleacherReport (5/22)
1-CLENerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)Ben McLemore (SG-Kansas)Otto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)Nerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)
2-ORLBen McLemore (SG-Kansas)Nerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)Ben McLemore (SG-Kansas)Trey Burke (PG-Michigan)
3-WASOtto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)Otto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)Nerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)Otto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)
4-CHAVictor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)Victor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)Victor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)Ben McLemore (SG-Kansas)
5-PHXAnthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)Anthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)Anthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)Victor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)
6-NOHTrey Burke (PG-Michigan)Trey Burke (PG-Michigan)Trey Burke (PG-Michigan)Alex Len (C-Maryland)
7-SACCody Zeller (C-Indiana)Cody Zeller (C-Indiana)Shabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)C.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)
8-DETMichael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)C.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)C.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)Shabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)
9-MINShabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)Alex Len (C-Maryland)Alex Len (C-Maryland)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)
10-PORAlex Len (C-Maryland)Dario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)Cody Zeller (C-Indiana)Anthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)
11-PHIMason Plumlee (PF-Duke)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)
12-OKC (via TOR)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)Dennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)Rudy Gobert (C-France)
13-DALC.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)Michael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)Cody Zeller (C-Indiana)
14-UTADennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)Michael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)Dennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)
15-MILKentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)Allen Crabbe (SG-California)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)
16-BOSRudy Gobert (C-France)Shabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)
17-ATLDario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)Sergey Karasev (SG-Russia)Archie Goodwin (SG-Kentucky)
18-ATL (via HOU)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)Lucas Nogueira (C-Brazil)Tim Hardaway Jr. (SG-Michigan)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)
19-CLE (via LAL)Sergey Karasev (SG-Russia)Tony Snell (G-New Mexico)Rudy Gobert (C-France)Tony Snell (G-New Mexico)
20-CHIJeff Withey (C-Kansas)Giannis Adetokunbo (SF-Greece)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)Allen Crabbe (SG-California)
21-UTA (via GSW)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)Dennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)Tim Hardaway Jr. (SG-Michigan)
22-BKNGiannis Adetokunbo (SF-Greece)Rudy Gobert (C-France)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)Dario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)
23-INDArchie Goodwin (SG-Kentucky)Tim Hardaway Jr. (SG-Michigan)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)
24-NYKLucas Nogueira (C-Brazil)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)Lorenzo Brown (PG-NC State)
25-LACGlen Rice, Jr. (SG-D-League)Allen Crabbe (SG-California)Glen Rice, Jr. (SG-D-League)DeShaun Thomas (SF-Ohio State)
26-MIN (via MEM)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)Dario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)
27-DENAllen Crabbe (SG-California)Erick Green (PG-Virginia Tech)Mouhammadou Jaiteh (C-France)C.J. Leslie (SF-NC State)
28-SASDeShaun Thomas (SF-Ohio State)Sergey Karasev (SG-Russia)Jeff Withey (C-Kansas)James Ennis (SG/SF-Long Beach State)
29-OKCAlex Abrines (SG-Spain)DeShaun Thomas (SF-Ohio State)Reggie Bullock (SF-North Carolina)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)
30-PHX (via MIA)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)Adonis Thomas (SF-Memphis)Jeff Withey (C-Kansas)



 Sporting News (5/21)DraftExpress.com (5/22)CBS Jeff Goodman (4/30)
1-CLENerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)Nerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)Nerlens Noel (C-Kentucky)
2-ORLTrey Burke (PG-Michigan)Ben McLemore (SG-Kansas)Ben McLemore (SG-Kansas)
3-WASOtto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)Anthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)Anthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)
4-CHABen McLemore (SG-Kansas)Victor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)Alex Len (C-Maryland)
5-PHXCody Zeller (C-Indiana)Otto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)Victor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)
6-NOHVictor Oladipo (SG-Indiana)Alex Len (C-Maryland)Trey Burke (PG-Michigan)
7-SACAnthony Bennet (PF-UNLV)Trey Burke (PG-Michigan)Otto Porter (SF-Gerogetown)
8-DETC.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)C.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)Michael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)
9-MINAlex Len (C-Maryland)Shabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)C.J. McCollum (SG-Lehigh)
10-PORDario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)Rudy Gobert (C-France)Cody Zeller (C-Indiana)
11-PHISteven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)Cody Zeller (C-Indiana)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)
12-OKC (via TOR)Rudy Gobert (C-France)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)
13-DALMichael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)Michael Carter-Williams (PG-Syracuse)Shabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)
14-UTADennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)Dennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)
15-MILShabazz Muhammad (SG-UCLA)Sergey Karasev (SG-Russia)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)
16-BOSTim Hardaway Jr. (SG-Michigan)Steven Adams (C-Pittsburgh)Rudy Gobert (C-France)
17-ATLKentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)
18-ATL (via HOU)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)Jamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)Mason Plumlee (PF-Duke)
19-CLE (via LAL)Kelly Olynyk (C-Gonzaga)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG-Georgia)Giannis Adetokunbo (SF-Greece)
20-CHIJamaal Franklin (SG-San Diego State)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)Allen Crabbe (SG-California)
21-UTA (via GSW)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)Archie Goodwin (SG-Kentucky)
22-BKNLucas Nogueira (C-Brazil)Jeff Withey (C-Kansas)Sergey Karasev (SG-Russia)
23-INDSergey Karasev (SG-Russia)Shane Larkin (PG-Miami)Dennis Schroeder (PG-Germany)
24-NYKTony Snell (G-New Mexico)Dario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)Gorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)
25-LACGiannis Adetokunbo (SF-Greece)Allen Crabbe (SG-California)Dario Saric (SF/PF-Croatia)
26-MIN (via MEM)C.J. Leslie (SF-NC State)Glen Rice, Jr. (SG-D-League)Jeff Withey (C-Kansas)
27-DENGlen Rice, Jr. (SG-D-League)Reggie Bullock (SF-North Carolina)Ricky Ledo (SG-Providence)
28-SASGorgui Dieng (C-Louisville)Lucas Nogueira (C-Brazil)C.J. Leslie (SF-NC State)
29-OKCAllen Crabbe (SG-California)Giannis Adetokunbo (SF-Greece)DeShaun Thomas (SF-Ohio State)
30-PHX (via MIA)Jeff Withey (C-Kansas)Archie Goodwin (SG-Kentucky)Tony Mitchell (PF-North Texas)




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