1-on-1 with Jonny Flynn

Jonah Ballow sat down with Wolves rookie point guard Jonny Flynn at the practice facility. Flynn talked about Twitter, life after the draft, and if he could play the quarterback position.

Jonah Ballow with Jonny Flynn


Jonah Ballow: Jonny, you arrived here in Minneapolis about a week ago, how are the workouts going with the guys? Are you feeling comfortable here in the Twin Cities?

Jonny Flynn: I feel real comfortable. It's a place I'm definitely getting used to really fast. Just the basketball part of it, we are coming in at 10 AM to get team lifts, we get team runs, we come and play pick-up, so the chemistry is already starting. You see any good franchise, any good team, the chemistry has to be clicking from day one and I think we're definitely doing that here.

Jonah Ballow: Let's talk about life for you in the past three months since the draft. Has it been a whirlwind? You have been all over the place, in Vegas, LA, and we see you on the Twitter updates on timberwolves.com. Talk about that process for you, has it been a little bit crazy for you?

Jonny Flynn: Jonah, I'm just coming down from it. It might be hard to believe but I'm just coming down from this whole summer, starting from getting drafted to like you said, going to Vegas working out at Tim Grgurich's camp, a wonderful experience for me. Now I have landed in the Twin Cities, so I'm just happy to be here and get this started but overall this summer was a lot of traveling and hectic but really fulfilling.

Jonah Ballow: We have heard about your charismatic personality and I have met with you a couple of times. You are a magnetic type of guy, people want to be around you and you seem to be a natural born leader. Where does that come from? Talk about your family life and your upbringing, how are you able to step on the floor and bring that smile to work everyday?

Jonny Flynn: My father, he is a natural born leader. I think that is something you are born with. A lot of people try to form people into those leadership roles, they try to set people up to be a leader but I just think you are naturally born with that. God blessed me with those skills so I definitely try to use that every time.

Jonah Ballow: Now moving to the basketball side of things, this is your first chance to workout with the guys. What are your impressions of some of the new players that have been brought in, Sasha Pavlovic and Ramon Sessions?

Jonny Flynn: Well he was great. Sasha is a versatile player, you've seen stretches in Cleveland when he got the chance to get out on the court, he did wonderful things for them. Ramon Sessions, his game speaks for itself. He can score, he can also lookout for his teammates, he had 24 assists in game, that's crazy all by itself. It's just two great players to play with, Ramon Sessions, I definitely can learn a lot from him. His game is similar to mine, being able to score and get his team involved so that's a guy I can really look after and just pick his mind apart and get things from him.

Jonah Ballow: Back to your Twitter account. We are getting a lot of positive feedback on your messages, people love it. Have you been able to meet with any celebrities or is there anybody you are talking to on Twitter that you didn't think would ever happen in your basketball career?

Jonny Flynn: Not really. Most of the people I have been talking to are people that I know. A lot of NBA players and things like that. I haven't really talked to celebrities yet but I'm definitely waiting for that to happen but Twitter is a great thing for networking. You can keep up with people and everybody has a Twitter account, that's what drove me to get one. I was sitting around with my friends at Syracuse and they asked me about Twitter and I said, I don't want to because I have Facebook. Twitter is a great thing and hopefully I can get my account verified so they can really know it's me. Twitter is great place to meet people.

Jonah Ballow: Speaking of Syracuse, I want to get your thoughts on Greg Paulus. This is a guy who played point guard for Duke last year and now he is the starting quarterback for your Orangemen. They are 0-2 (recorded before Syracuse defeated Northwestern on Saturday) so a little bit of a tough start but he is playing pretty well. What do you think about a point guard jumping into a starting quarterback role in Division I football?

Jonny Flynn: Well, if you look at a point guard on a basketball team, he is the quarterback; he is the extension of the coach on the floor. He will call his own plays sometimes, like I said, he is an extension. It's really easy for a point guard to go out there and be a quarterback because you are running a team, being a team leader, you are vocal at points. If you go back four years ago, he was the top rated quarterback in high school, a lot of people thought he should have went to school where he could play football and basketball. Although they are struggling right now, they are playing really well so that's a good thing.

Jonah Ballow: What about J Flynn as a quarterback on the field?

Jonny Flynn: I'm too little to play quarterback. You see Tom Brady and he is 6-4, Peyton Manning is 6-5 but I played a little football back in my day. Played some cornerback and quarterback until I got hit one time and had to get surgery on my wrist, I had to sit out the whole summer, so I can't play football. You know football is a fun-competitive sport, just a great thing to play.

Jonah Ballow: All right, training camp in a couple of weeks, you are getting ready for that. Are you excited to finally get this thing going with the season just around the corner?

Jonny Flynn: Definitely, I can't wait. You got a lot of guys that are here already that is going to be with the team in training camp but it's nothing like going to an NBA training camp, knowing that you are going to play right away. We got training camp on the 29th and then October 4 we have our first preseason game, so the anticipation build up around here and the city has been crazy. I just can't wait to get out there and know that my NBA career is finally starting.

Jonah Ballow: You are a popular guy here in Minneapolis already, so we can't wait to keep up with you throughout the season. Jonny Flynn, thanks for your time.

Jonny Flynn: Thanks Jonah.
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