Timberwolves All-Time All-Stars

All-Stars By Year | By Event

Chris Carr
1997 Nestle Crunch Slam Dunk

Sam Cassell
2004 All-Star Game

Jonny Flynn
2010 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge

Randy Foye
2007 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge

Kevin Garnett
2007 All-Star Game: Starter
2006 All-Star Game
2005 All-Star Game: Starter
2004 All-Star Game: Starter
2003 All-Star Game: Starter; MVP
2002 All-Star Game: Starter
2001 All-Star Game: Starter
2000 All-Star Game: Starter
1998 All-Star Game: Starter
1997 All-Star Game
1996 Schick Rookie Game

Gerald Green
2008 Sprite Slam Dunk: 2nd Place

Tom Gugliotta
1997 All-Star Game

Wes Johnson
2011 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge

Kevin Love
2014 All-Star Game: Starter
2014 Foot Locker Three-Point Contest
2012 All-Star Game
2012 Foot Locker Three-Point Contest: Champion
2011 All-Star Game
2010 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge: member of Sophomore Team

Donyell Marshall
1995 Schick Rookie Game

Stephon Marbury
1997 Schick Rookie Game: Did not play due to injury

Isaiah Rider
1995 Gatorade Slam Dunk Championship
1994 Gatorade Slam Dunk Championship: Champion
1994 Schick Rookie Game

Ricky Rubio
2012 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge: member of Team Shaq

Flip Saunders
2004 All-Star Game: Western Conference Coach

Wally Szczerbiak
2002 All-Star Game
2001 Schick Rookie Challenge: member of Sophomore Team
2000 Schick Rookie Challenge

Doug West
1992 Gatorade Slam Dunk Challenge

Derrick Williams
2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest
2012 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge: member of Team Chuck