Wolves Staff Fill Backpacks for Children

Wolves Staff Fill Backpacks for Children

Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

September in Minnesota marks the beginning of the school year for most children in the Twin Cities. Many elementary students look forward to the sheer joy of crossing items off on their school supplies list, but at the start of this school year many kids in the Minneapolis area didn't get that satisfaction.

The Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation teamed up with World Vision Twin Cities to fill backpacks with school supplies to give to those young children who were affected by the tornado that ripped through North Minneapolis in May.

"This particular event is focused on north Minneapolis because the tornado caused such devastation that there's great need," explained Chris Brooks, Executive Director at World Vision. "I'm driven personally because this is my community. My kids are going to grow up here, I want it to be the best place it can be and it grieves me that some kids have what they need and some kids don't - it's just not fair."

About 15 Timberwolves and Lynx staff members spent their Wednesday morning filling a record breaking 633 backpacks at the World Vision warehouse near the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus. Items that were put into the backpacks included binders, folders, pencils, pens, paper, rulers, crayons, markers and much more.

Wolvesdirector of scouting/administration Rob Babcock was among the group of volunteers that participated in Wednesday's event. "I like participating in things when I know where the result is going. It's not just writing a check to some organization and you have absolutely no idea where the money is going to go."

Babcock, a former high school teacher and coach went on to explain the importance of such initiatives, "I taught in inner city schools for more than half of my teaching career and I can say that people, kids, anybody, loves to get something, but when you get something that you really need I think it gives you a special feeling, and these kids will really appreciate it and will benefit from it."

World Vision and the Timberwolves have held a successful partnership for the past two years now and have previously teamed up for larger events such as the Timberwolves "Season of Giving" during the month of December.

"With the Timberwolves the cool value added is they are just a fantastic organization," said Brooks. "When you work with an organization that just kind of "gets it" it just makes everything go so much easier."

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