Offseason Reading: The Season Never Ends

Former WCCO news anchor and journalist, Don Shelby has penned a new book titled, The Season Never Ends. The winner of three Emmy's and member of the Minnesota Broadcasts Hall of Fame, Shelby provides his readers with a collection of stories that were written over a 26 year period of time.

Wolves radio executive producer John Focke caught up with the broadcast legend to discuss the book, unforgettable memories, and how he approaches everyday like a basketball player.

Shelby summarizes the book, "If you've ever played the game, you played it and sacrificed a part of yourself for it. Man or woman, girl or boy, if you've been under the tutelage of a great coach, if you've played for a team and sacrificed yourself for that team, then that's going to translate into skills you can use as an adult. I must say, everyday I think of myself as a basketball player and I try to play on the team, whether it's the family or whether it's the place I work or whether it's church. No matter where it is, you can always find a way to be a better teammate and I think that's the essence of the book. Plus innocence, love, family, all of that is in the book. I don't think there is a bad word in the book, there is nothing tawdry in the book, this is not a tell all. This is about youth, love, innocence, and this great game."

Listen to the complete interview with John Focke and Don Shelby:

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