Burgers and Basketball

Burgers and Basketball

Lauren Lang
Wolves Writer

Most Minnesota residents are familiar with the famous burger most commonly known as a "Juicy Lucy," but the real debate lies in who makes it best? The Minnesota Timberwolves pride themselves on creating events for their primary stakeholders, the season ticket holders, so what better way than to treat them to a luncheon of Juicy Lucy's complete with basketball talk? That's how Burgers and Basketball was born.

"This is one of most fun events that we do on an annual basis; we do this two or three times per month where we go into a burger joint - one of the local establishments in or around Minneapolis and St. Paul," explained vice president of client development Jeff Munneke. "We get some great food - Juicy Lucy hamburgers, tell Timberwolves stories and it's just a social gathering for us, the staff members, with our season ticket holders."

The idea originated around a few casual luncheons with a couple season ticket holders. Munneke and his staff quickly learned they were on to something that could be easily executed and successful among season ticket holders. "The feedback that we were getting was that people really loved the inside information and they loved hearing stories on the history of the Timberwolves," Munneke said. "Plus it's really fun to go to these great burger joints too. We thought, let's start an event called Burgers and Basketball, let's formalize it a little bit and here we sit."

Burgers and Basketball was most recently held at Shamrocks and the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul. In previous outings the group has gathered at other restaurants made famous by their stuffed burgers including Matt's Bar and the Nook, but the group is always on the lookout for a new burger joint to challenge the rest.

The event gives the Timberwolves prime constituents a chance to ask their ticket representatives questions regarding anything Timberwolves related. Jerry Esboldt, a 14-year season ticket holder and nine others participated in Burgers and Basketball at Shamrocks. Due to the candid and free-flowing conversation at the luncheons attendees are able to ask their Timberwolves representatives questions they've had on their minds regarding their investment in the organization.

"I asked them a few things on where they were going and some of them they gave me very good answers and some of them they didn't know," Esboldt said. "But overall they feel like we're on the upswing and I guess with the record that we had there's no room but to go up."
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