Digging Deep: Thaddeus Young

Things you might not know about the left-handed forward

Dane Mizutani
Web Editorial Associate

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This, friends, is journalism at its finest. Thaddeus Young played for the 76ers. He plays in the NBA. These are things that you already know. Below we give you a few facts about Young that you might not know. This research took several hours. 

Fun Fact 1: Thaddeus Young is old — at least by the Wolves standards. OK. He’s not really that old. He’s actually only 26. That still makes him one of the oldest players on the team, though. Here’s some perspective: when Young entered the league seven years ago, Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine were 12.

Fun Fact 2: This is in Young’s blood. His father played basketball at Jacksonville University from 1976-78 and was drafted by the NBA's Buffalo Braves. The Buffalo Braves? That’s a throwback.

Fun Fact 3: Young was taken by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2007 NBA Draft and let fans make one of the biggest decisions of his young career: what number he’d wear. It remains to be seen whether he’ll stick with No. 21 again this season or if he’ll re-open it up to the Twitter-verse.