Deep Digging: Andrew Wiggins

Things you might not know about the high-flying rookie
by Kyle Ratke

Web Editor


This, friends, is journalism at its finest. Andrew Wiggins is super athletic. He was this year's No. 1 pick. These are things that you already know. Below we give you a few facts about Wiggins that you might not know. This research took several hours. 

Fun Fact 1: Andrew Wiggins will make you feel incredibly old. And kind of useless. He’s 19 years old and was born in 1995… 1995! And he’s already been compared to pretty much every great NBA player ever. Things are good for Maple Jordan.

Fun Fact 2: In 2013, Sports Illustrated questioned Wiggins’ work ethic. Bad idea. He scored 57 points that night after the article was published. Thanks, SI.

Fun Fact 3: Zach LaVine and Wiggins are friends already. And they both can dunk. Like they can really, really dunk. Like the dunk contest this season might consist of just Wiggins and LaVine. The noise is working, Wolves fans.