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Mayo Clinic and The Timberwolves and Lynx Basketball Academy | Tyus Jones Signing

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2015 Timberwolves Dancers Selection Show

Fans, friends and family members were able to see the members of the 2015-16 Timberwolves Dancers team up close at Treasure Island during the selection show.
Aug 14, 2015  |  03:22

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Rochester Recap

The folks in Rochester were plenty excited to see rookie Tyus Jones in their town.
Aug 13, 2015  |  01:41

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Mankato Recap

Hear what parents and young Tyus Jones fans had to say when the Wolves took the 2015 Caravan to Mankato.
Aug 12, 2015  |  01:45

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Alexandria Recap

Many young fans in Alexandria were excited to see Tyus Jones and company during this year's Caravan.
Aug 11, 2015  |  01:34

2015 Timberwolves Caravan Presented By U.S. Bank

A recap of the 2015 Timberwolves Caravan presented by U.S. Bank which took place in Alexandria, Mankato and Rochester.
Aug 11, 2015  |  01:31

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Tyus Jones 1-on-1

Rookie Tyus Jones discusses connecting with fans from his home state and what he's doing to prepare for the upcoming season.
Aug 10, 2015  |  02:14

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Ryan Saunders 1-on-1

Assistant coach Ryan Saunders discusses his golf game and what the Caravan means for the Timberwolves organization.
Aug 10, 2015  |  01:47

2015 Timberwolves Caravan | Sam Mitchell 1-on-1

Assistant coach Sam Mitchell discusses his 2015 Caravan trip, his golf game and how Tyus Jones has connected with fans throughout the state.
Aug 10, 2015  |  02:40

Timberwolves Dancers | New Uniform Fitting

Be the first to see the new uniforms for the 2015-16 Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers.
Aug 10, 2015  |  01:06

Tyus Jones Throws Out First Pitch At Twins Game

Rookie Timberwolves point guard Tyus Jones threw out the first pitch at Thursday's Minnesota Twins game.
Aug 1, 2015  |  01:28

Timberwolves Dancers | The Finalists Volunteer

The 2015-16 Timberwolves Dancers took a break from practice to give back to the community by helping out with a 100-year-old garden.
Jul 27, 2015  |  01:09

Timberwolves Dancers | 2015 Group Fitness

Take a look at the grueling group fitness workouts that the 2015-16 Timberwolves Dancers finalists went through to prove they have what it takes to make the team.
Jul 27, 2015  |  01:36

Timberwolves Dancers | 2015 Finalists Practice

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the 2015-16 Timberwolves Dancers finalists during one of their practices.
Jul 26, 2015  |  01:15

Timberwolves Dancers | 2015 Dancers Production Day

Go behind-the-scenes with the 2015-16 Timberwolves Dancers finalists during production day.
Jul 24, 2015  |  01:59

Timberwolves Dancers | 2015 Auditions

The Timberwolves Dancers held their open auditions for the 2015-16 season at The Courts At Mayo Clinic Square. There were both new and familiar faces at the auditions.
Jul 22, 2015  |  02:38

Stop and Pop: Adreian Payne

Sophomore forward Adreian Payne shares what he has learned from his rookie year, what it's like to play with Kevin Garnett, and some personal favorites.
Jul 17, 2015  |  00:44

First Impressions of Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns speaks on his Summer League experience and fans weigh in on the rookie's on-court performance.
Jul 17, 2015  |  01:36

Morgan Finishes

Jordan Morgan drives to the basket and finishes with the strong dunk at the rim.
Jul 17, 2015  |  00:16

Timberwolves vs. Cavaliers

John Shurna scores 14 points as the Cavaliers defeat the Timberwolves 78-73.
Jul 17, 2015  |  01:14

Postgame - July 15 | Ryan Saunders

Summer League head coach Ryan Saunders addresses the media after Wednesday night's loss to the Blazers.
Jul 16, 2015  |  03:52

Postgame - July 15 | Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns addresses the media after his double-double against the Blazers.
Jul 16, 2015  |  02:36

Introductory Press Conference | Nemanja Bjelica

Hear from new Wolve forward Nemanja Bjelica during his introductory press conference at Mayo Clinic Square.
Jul 15, 2015  |  11:59

Timberwolves vs. Trail Blazers

Noah Vonleh scores 16 points and Malcolm Thomas adds 15 as the Trail Blazers take down the Timberwolves 82 - 77.
Jul 15, 2015  |  01:16

Behind the Scenes in Vegas

Go behind the scenes with the two men who made Las Vegas Summer League what it is today: Warren LeGarie and Albert Hall.
Jul 14, 2015  |  02:08

Postgame - July 13 | Karl-Anthony Town

Karl-Anthony Towns addresses the media after Monday night's loss to the Jazz.
Jul 14, 2015  |  02:43

Mini Movie | Tyus Jones In Vegas

Rookie Tyus Jones discusses how he's adjusted to the NBA and how Summer League has been for him thus far.
Jul 14, 2015  |  02:05

Postgame - July 13 | Ryan Saunders

Summer League head coach Ryan Saunders addresses the media after Monday's loss to the Jazz.
Jul 14, 2015  |  04:48

Bringing The Payne

Adreian Payne provides the offense and the defense with the steal, then the slam.
Jul 14, 2015  |  00:16