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How long have you been a Thunder Girl?

jada: This is my third year on the team.

Do you have a nickname?

jada: JD, Jadakiss

When is your birthday?

jada: April 17

If you're currently in school, where do you go?

jada: University of Central Oklahoma / Rose State

Do you have a job on top of being a Thunder Girl?

jada: Chiropractic Assistant

What profession would you like to go into?

jada: Run my own business

Do you have any hobbies?

jada: Shopping, cleaning, sleeping, listening to music, dancing

What are your favorites:


  • Vacation spot: Somewhere on a beach
  • TV Show: Reba
  • Actor/Actress: Will Smith / Katherine Heigl
  • Singer: Michael Jackson
  • Beauty product: Hair spray and lipstick
  • Hot spot: Dance club

Finish this sentence, "I never leave home without ____________ "

jada: Cell phone