Best part of being a Thunder Girl:
Being able to perform in front of the best NBA fans, having the power to brighten someone's day with a simple high-five or by taking a picture with them and being able to live out my dream of being a professional dancer in my hometown.

Talk about the first time you started dancing:
I remember taking a ballet class when I was little. I never wanted to take off my tutu. It was pretty with the blue ruffles and sparkles.

In three words, describe yourself:
Loyal, dedicated and caring.

Thing about Thunder fans that impresses you most:
They're supportive of their team through thick and thin.

Something Thunder fans may not know about you:
English is my second language. My first being Czech. I'm also working on my third which is American Sign Language.

One day to do whatever you want, it would be:
I would sleep in, hangout with my husband and dog while cleaning my house. Then, end the day with a family dinner at my parent's house.

Quirky Habit(s):
All labels have to be facing front at all times.

Biggest Fear: Bugs! Even though I have been getting better, bugs just creep me out.

One goal you want to accomplish in your life: Learn everything I can from my parents. They are the best role models anyone can ask for

Advice to young aspiring dancers: If you work hard and stay focused and you will achieve your goal. Just because you don't succeed the first time, get up and try, try agian!


Music Genre: Any, I like them all!

Dancing Song: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston

Hobbies: Dancing, cleaning, hanging out with family and husband, dog shopping and pinteresting.

Clothing Item/Accessory: Any type of jewelry or cool scarf

Phone App: Pinterest

Vacation Spot: Marco Island, FL.

Movie: "Grease," "Blindside" and "Mr. Holland's Opus"

TV Show/Series: "Friends," "Big Bang Theory" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

Cartoon Character: Spongebob Squarepants

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Guilty Pleasure Food: Chocolate

Words to live by/favorite quote (with author/source): "With God, all things are possible” Mark 10:27

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