Best part of being a Thunder Girl:
Interacting with fans at games and in the community. Just seeing the smiles we bring to their faces really makes me feel humble and thankful to be an ambassador for our city and represent the Thunder organization.

Talk about the first time you started dancing:
I started dancing when I was 12 years old. One summer I took a hip hop class at a studio in Moore and fell in love and knew right then I wanted to continue dancing and pursue a career in performing.

In three words, describe yourself:
Vivacious, driven and optimistic.

Thing about Thunder fans that impresses you most:
Win or lose Thunder fans support the team no matter what. I think it brings our state closer together.

Something Thunder fans may not know about you:
I love caffeine! I've drank coffee since I could walk.

One day to do whatever you want, it would be:
To travel the world. "It's the only thing you buy that makes you richer." There are just so many exciting places to see and people to meet that I want to experience what all is out there.

Quirky Habit(s):
I can't sleep with doors open. I have to close my bedroom, bathroom and closet door before I go to bed.

Biggest Fear: Losing someone close to me abruptly and not being able to tell them goodbye or that I love them.

One goal you want to accomplish in your life: Becoming a great wife and raising a family one day is a goal of mine I've dreamed about since I was a little girl.

Advice to young aspiring dancers: If you can dream it, you can do it. If you don't give up anything is possible. It's important to not be afraid of failure and always be confident in yourself and who you are as a person.


Music Genre: Contemporary Rock. John Mayer, Ray Lamontagne, and Matchbox 20 are some of my favs!

Dancing Song: Anything by Beyoncé or Ellie Goulding

Hobbies: Going to concerts, trying out new restaurants every month, going to the lake in the summer, watching OSU football games in the fall, Pinterest and spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend

Clothing Item/Accessory: My Tan Leather Micheal Kors Watch.

Phone App: Instagram.

Vacation Spot: The Bahamas.

Movie: "The Vow"

TV Show/Series: "Breaking Bad"

Cartoon Character: Betty Boop.

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Guilty Pleasure Food: Mexican, Margaritas, queso and fajitas.

Words to live by/favorite quote (with author/source): "Live beautifully. Dream passionately. Love completely." -unknown

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