Sefolosha is one of the elite wing defenders in the NBA, earning the task of guarding the most dangerous opposing perimeter scorer each and every night. The veteran guard uses his length, height and quickness to pester shooters into poor nights, harass opposing point guards or deny his man the ball. All are ways in which he can simply disrupt an entire possession for the opposing team. The selflessness with which Sefolosha attacks his duties on the defensive end is rewarded by drive-and-dish passes to him on offense. Sefolosha has worked tirelessly on his three-point shot has a penchant for knocking down the corner three-pointer. This season, Sefolosha has also found other ways to be involved in the flow of the offense by knocking down mid-range shots, attacking the basket and finding others for opportunities.



What is a memorable community event you've done with the Thunder/in college?:
Children's Hospital every time .

Favorite professional sports team outside the NBA:
Mamelodi Sundowns F.C.

Favorite thing about representing the Oklahoma City community?
Representing the people of Oklahoma.

Most important part of your game-day routine:
Relaxing before the game.

One person from history you wish you could meet:
Nelson Mandela

Dream job if you weren't playing in the NBA:
Sports teacher in Switzerland.

Area of game you'd like to improve on this year:
Every aspect

When I need a laugh, first person I call is ___?
My good friend in Switzerland

Non-Basketball sporting event you'd like to attend:
World Cup Final

Best Non-Basketball Sports Movie:
Any Given Sunday

Best Pre-Game Meal:
Fruit/ Smoothie  


Steak or Seafood?

Out to the movies or stay in and watch TV?
Go out to movies

Summer or Winter?

Dogs or cats?

Ipod or Radio?

Lenses or no lenses?

Suit or sweats?

Sandals or sneakers?

Car or SUV?

Comedy or Action movie?

Batman or Superman?