In addition to being a high level perimeter shooter, Lamb has been in the gym this season working on his all-around game. The long and rangy guard has the natural gifts and attitude to continue developing into a diverse and well-rounded player that can impact the game on multiple levels. Working in the flow of the offense without an agenda, Lamb has been honing his ability to create off the dribble for himself and others. By learning from veterans like Kevin Durant and in collaboration with big men like Nick Collison, Lamb has also been sharpening the fine points of moving without the ball and cutting angles. On the defensive end, Lamb has the potential to be a playmaker because of his penchant for being disruptive in the passing lanes. There is still plenty for him to learn and he will have ups and downs, but Lamb’s work ethic will allow him to grow.



What is a memorable community event you've done with the Thunder/in college?:
Played Bingo at the Nursing Center(?) 1000th community appearance

Favorite professional sports team outside the NBA:
I don't have one

Favorite thing about representing the Oklahoma City community?
Representing good people, good fans, good organization. Good people to stand for and it's a good feeling.

Most important part of your game-day routine:
Eating and/or getting shots up

One person from history you wish you could meet:
Michael Jordan

Dream job if you weren't playing in the NBA:

Area of game you'd like to improve on this year:

When I need a laugh, first person I call is ___?
My sister

Non-Basketball sporting event you'd like to attend:
Super Bowl

Best Non-Basketball Sports Movie:

Best Pre-Game Meal:
Burger and Fries  


Steak or Seafood?

Out to the movies or stay in and watch TV?
Staying in and watching TV- depending who I'm with.

Summer or Winter?

Dogs or cats?

Ipod or Radio?

Lenses or no lenses?
No lenses

Suit or sweats?

Sandals or sneakers?

Car or SUV?

Comedy or Action movie?

Batman or Superman?