Player development at the Thunder is a holistic approach, and Serge Ibaka has been a prime example of that during his career thus far. One of the NBA’s leading shot blockers has been focused on rounding out his game on a number of levels throughout this season. From ball-handling to passing to shot creation, Ibaka wants to be able to create his own opportunities to score in addition to be an even more effective part of the Thunder’s overall offensive system by knocking down mid-range shots out of the pick-and-roll. On the defensive end, Ibaka’s calling card is his shot blocking but he has worked very hard to be in the right position in pick-and-roll coverages and in the team’s full defensive scheme, in addition to rebounding. Over the years he’s helped set the standards for work ethic with the Thunder as he brings intensity to every minute he has on the floor.



What is a memorable community event you've done with the Thunder/in college?:
There's a lot! Visiting tornado victims this summer.

Favorite professional sports team outside the NBA:
Real Madrid

Favorite thing about representing the Oklahoma City community?
How people appreciate what we are doing. They appreciate us and support us.

Most important part of your game-day routine:
Workout in the morning, shoot around, eat my pasta, take a nap and then go to the game.

One person from history you wish you could meet:

Dream job if you weren't playing in the NBA:
In the Army

Area of game you'd like to improve on this year:
Offensively, I have a lot to work on. Also, playing one-on-one defense and passing the ball.

When I need a laugh, first person I call is ___?
(keep it generic- mom, brother, sister, best friend from home) My good friend in Congo

Non-Basketball sporting event you'd like to attend:
World Cup Final

Best Pre-Game Meal:
Fruit/ Smoothie  


Steak or Seafood?

Out to the movies or stay in and watch TV?
Stay in and watch TV

Summer or Winter?

Dogs or cats?

Ipod or Radio?

Lenses or no lenses?
No lenses

Suit or sweats?

Sandals or sneakers?

Car or SUV?

Comedy or Action movie?

Batman or Superman?