Every NBA season will have highs and lows, but with a player like Nick Collison on the roster, the Thunder can avoid falling prey to getting too up after a big win and too down after a tough loss. As a calming influence, the Thunder’s longest tenured member embodies what the organization wants to be about, according to General Manager Sam Presti. Throughout the season, Collison’s veteran presence, knowledge and sacrifice provides a compass for the rest of the roster to guide their own play. Unselfishness, willingness to do the dirty work and paying attention the minute details of the game are all critical aspects of Collison’s game that spread throughout the rest of the team. This season, Collison has worked nicely with second unit ball-handlers like Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb in the two-man game and continues to be an efficient player on both sides of the ball.



What is a memorable community event you've done with the Thunder/in college?:
I went to Moore after tornados and did some things there. That was the most memorable, because of how dramatic of a sight that was to see the devastation and the people in need at the time.

Favorite professional sports team outside the NBA:
I don't have one.

Favorite thing about representing the Oklahoma City community?
We get some much support. They are very loyal and consistent. You feel the need to do things, because you realize how well they treat us.

Most important part of your game-day routine:
Mindset. Getting a clear head and getting my mind in right place.

One person from history you wish you could meet:
Bill Clinton. I think he is very smart and interesting.

Dream job if you weren't playing in the NBA:
Something where I could be on the water.

Area of game you'd like to improve on this year:
Decision making. Late in the season, when the pressure is at its highest, being able to execute and make good decisions in those moments is what's going to put us over the top.

When I need a laugh, first person I call is ___?
A lot of friends from back home. We have group texts that will last for days.

Non-Basketball sporting event you'd like to attend:
Game 7 of the World Series

Best Non-Basketball Sports Movie:

Best Pre-Game Meal:
Grilled Chicken  


Steak or Seafood?

Out to the movies or stay in and watch TV?
I like to go to the movies during the daytime by myself.

Summer or Winter?

Dogs or cats?

Ipod or Radio?

Lenses or no lenses?

Suit or sweats?

Sandals or sneakers?

Car or SUV?

Comedy or Action movie?

Batman or Superman?