The Thunder had the number 12 overall selection in the 2013 NBA Draft, a rarity for a team that won 60 games the previous season. With the pick, the team selected Adams who provides the team a rare combinations of physical gifts – size, toughness and dexterity. An intense and committed worker, Adams has spent the year with the Thunder coaching staff learning the finer points of team defense to be best equipped for his role this season as the team’s backup center and his own long-term development. A tenacious rebounder and selfless screener, Adams brings physicality to the game in his time in the rotation to go along with his athletic gifts that allows him to block shots, run the floor and finish at the rim. This season, he has learned from elder statesmen like Nick Collison and Kendrick Perkins and stepped in as the team’s starting center for 20 games.



What is a memorable community event you've done with the Thunder/in college?:
Book Bus. That was awesome!

Favorite professional sports team outside the NBA:
Wellington, NZ - All Blacks

Favorite thing about representing the Oklahoma City community?
Just representing the community.

Most important part of your game-day routine:

One person from history you wish you could meet:
Gordon Ramsay

Dream job if you weren't playing in the NBA:
A mogul

Area of game you'd like to improve on this year:
Defense, rebounding and running the floor.

When I need a laugh, first person I call is ___?
My mate from back in New Zealand.

Non-Basketball sporting event you'd like to attend:
Wimbledon Final

Best Non-Basketball Sports Movie:
Remember the Titans

Best Pre-Game Meal:
Gummies, they are awesome!


Steak or Seafood?

Out to the movies or stay in and watch TV?
Go out to movies

Summer or Winter?

Dogs or cats?

Ipod or Radio?

Lenses or no lenses?

Suit or sweats?

Sandals or sneakers?

Car or SUV?

Comedy or Action movie?

Batman or Superman?