Fast Break Points- June 6 Notebook

Through doing the little things right, concentrating on what it can control and playing for one another, the Thunder has put itself in a good position, with a fantastic opportunity in front of it.

Going up against San Antonio in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals is a major test, but leaders like Kevin Durant realize that not only will the Spurs bring their best effort tonight, but that the Thunder has the chance to match it.

“We know this is going to be a tough, tough game, but we’re looking forward to the challenge,” Durant said.

Always taking a one-game-at-a-time approach has helped the Thunder compartmentalize the previous game, the task at hand and the next game into bite-size pieces that the team can digest. It’s never about looking ahead or behind, but concentrating solely on the moment, whether it be a practice, shootaround or game.

“We have to focus on today’s game and not worry about tomorrow,” Head Coach Scott Brooks said. “Our guys have done a good job with that; it’s been our philosophy all along, just focusing on what we can do today."

Below are the Fast Break Points from Wednesday's shootaround:

- Durant on the team being a family: “We’ve been through a lot, not just this year, but first getting here, moving to Oklahoma City and losing and the way we lost in the Playoffs. We’ve been through a lot. We don’t just call each other family just to say it, we really believe in that. We know throughout the game that stuff is going to happen. The really good teams stick together no matter what, and that’s an area we’ve grown in, always sticking together and knowing that if we keep fighting, anything is possible.”

- Durant said the team needs to keep everybody involved and play together. There have been times when different guys have gotten hot throughout the series, so the Thunder has to continue passing the ball. The team must bring a mindset of playing hard and playing together.

- Durant said the Spurs have a heart of a champion and they come at you every single possession, but the Thunder just has to worry about itself. The one area of the game it can control is how hard it plays.

- Durant said that Coach Brooks says that shootarounds and practices are like games. If the team wants to get better, that’s how it has to approach it.

- Durant, when asked about the excitement of the city, said that he has been in the house, so he doesn’t really know what’s going on in the outside world. He’s been getting texts from friends and family but he’s telling them to calm down. The team has to continue to keep playing, but he thinks the city is going to be jumping tonight during the game.

- Durant, on Kendrick Perkins statement that the guys must “lose themselves” in the team: “When he (Perkins) first got here, he said that is what great teams do, is sacrifice. No matter what, if you’re the first or the last man you sacrifice. We just have to come out here and play together and believe in each other and we’ll be all right.”

- Brooks said the team will stick to its normal routine, nothing changes on that end. Guys have to stick with what they normally do. Durant said the team is going to approach it like a regular game, but know the significance of it. “Hopefully we come out there and do a good job,” Durant said.

- Brooks said that a team must have that family-like bond and commitment to one another. The biggest strength is that the team has been together for a while. He and his players still always have to figure out ways to get better and if you stay together you have a chance, it doesn’t guarantee that you will win, but it helps the cause. The team has talked about being a family ever since he’s taken over and guys have believed in that and committed on and off the court.

- Brooks talked about how great the fans in Oklahoma City have been ever since the team arrived in the city. He joked that he should challenge them and talk badly about them so he can get a bunch of free gear like Charles Barkley has. “Where’s my boots?” Brooks said, laughing.